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$ICP Has Further Gains Ahead as This New Memecoin Is on Fast-Track to Top 3

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Memecoins and old projects from the last cycle are pumping aggressively. What does this mean? Investors have gone fully risk-on; the largest gains go to the bravest players in this meta. All of the top cryptos to buy right now are on the long tail of the risk spectrum. But like any market, investors should take risks early and derisk later. Instead, most take little risk at the start and enormous risk later. A quick way to get rekt.

The time to buy is now, and several protocols are primed to rally explosively in the coming months. Special attention is being paid to Internet Computer ($ICP) and Galaxy Fox ($GFOX). $ICP promises further gains ahead, as this new memecoin joins the fast-track to join the top 3.

Internet Computer ($ICP): Returner’s Rally

Internet Computer has rallied nearly 200% in the last month, and despite a tiny retracement- normal after frenzied buying- looks ready to start rallying again. A highly interesting protocol was launched in 2021, only to get caught in the full effect of the bear market months later. Internet Computer seeks to replace the typical IT stack, introducing blockchain-native computing infrastructure.

This network wants to disrupt commercial cloud services and is one of the only crypto projects seeking to build deep blockchain native infra. Instead of using AWS, developers can deploy everything on Internet Computer, and the good part for $ICP holders? All fees are payable in $ICP.

Theoretically, $ICP could easily become one of the top ten cryptocurrencies, but almost all developers rely on AWS and other cloud services. So why do analysts believe $ICP readies itself for another leg up? It is a bet on growing industry-wide blockchain adoption.

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Targets Top 3

Galaxy Fox has proven itself to be one of 2023’s fastest-growing ICOs, and it has not changed pace since the beginning of 2024. Tearing through stage after stage this presale is on a mission to become a top 3 project sooner rather than later.

It has two enormous macro tailwinds facilitating this growth. Galaxy Fox’s unique position as a hybrid memecoin/ P2E token makes it one of the only tokens on the market that investors can hold for exposure to both narratives. Given that these are crypto’s largest expected growth verticals in 2024, it is no surprise that analysts put $GFOX among the top cryptos to buy right now.

The play-to-earn section of the protocol includes an addictive runner game paying out prizes to the top 20% of the leaderboard when the season ends. Users can purchase NFTs to increase their chances of winning. Holding one of the 3,000 NFTs will grant in-game stat bonuses. Alternatively, players can upgrade their stats with $GFOX tokens.

One manner in which Galaxy Fox strays from the prototypical P2E model is that it introduces staking rewards. Instead of only the top-ranked players earning, in this galactic ecosystem, all $GFOX token holders share in revenue and overall growth. Thanks to the token burn, these rewards come in a deflationary asset.

Introducing the virality associated with the memecoin is evident in the protocol’s branding, which will even be used in its line of real-world merchandise. This revenue will support the Treasury, which undertakes marketing efforts to ensure sustained growth.

At a high level, Galaxy Fox is a growth bomb waiting to explode. It has ideal user onboarding funnels, shares revenue with holders, and the general soundness of the business/ acquisition models speaks volumes. It is easily one of the top 5 cryptos to invest in this year.  

Closing Thoughts: 2024 Is The Year To Take Risk

Investors need to flip the script and take risk early; take risk now. Those who wait until late in 2024, when they feel assured that the bull market will last forever, will end up giving all their gains back to the market. Make the bold moves now.

Entering a presale is a classic high-risk, high-reward scenario. However, in Galaxy Fox’s case, it appears it’s only high-reward given its amazing success in building early momentum. Early adopters are getting the lowest possible price and this is why analysts list it as one of the top cryptos to buy right now. Act fast and join the presale today before the mania begins! 

Learn more about $GFOX here:

Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join the Community


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