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Investor Buzz: Bitgert Coin Set for +400% Price Surge This Week!

Investors’ aim in the cryptocurrency industry remains to achieve financial freedom, which is obtainable by investing in the right project. They are steadily seeking projects that can help in achieving this goal. Despite the numerous available cryptocurrencies available, only a few have the potential to give investors the financial freedom they seek.

Bitgert is one of the coins that fall into this category, as it has quickly gotten investors’ interest due to speculations by trusted experts that the coin could hit a price surge of over 400% this week. It is fast generating buzz with its growing momentum.

In the course of this article, we will be analyzing the reasons for Bitgert’s continuous upward movement

Bitgert Million Dollar Investment In MuratiAI, Yielding Expected Results

Bitgert is one project that holds partnership in high esteem as it understands the massive impact a good collaboration can have on any project. Bitgert’s partnership with MuratiAI led to Bitgert investing about $ 2.1 million in the project. 

This investment has impacted both projects as it helped MuratiAI exceed expected heights while drawing more investors to the Bitgert ecosystem. MuratiAI became the first advanced crypto platform focusing on anime and one of the most trending collections in the NFT ecosystem. 

MuratiAI’s growing popularity has also influenced Bitgert positively due to the partnership between both projects while still enjoying Bitgert’s top scalability, efficiency, and zero gas fee offering. Bitgert’s collaboration and investment in MuratiAI is one of the numerous partnerships hugely impacting it and leading to a massive uptrend in its value. 

It contributes mainly to the current uptrend experienced by the coin, while investors are expecting it to cross over 400% of its current value this week.

Analyst Opinion On Bitgert’s Performance For the Week

There is positivity surrounding Bitgert’s future as many crypto analysts believe the coin will take off quickly to the moon this week. 

CryptoVizer, one of blockchain’s professional experts, thinks that its proper choice of partnership is contributing heavily to the buzz that it is generating in the industry. It pointed out the collaboration with FundukonTON and how both ecosystems have combined to create a more accessible and better enjoyable ecosystem for everyone in the industry. This collaboration has attracted more investors to the project and has increased the demand for Bitgert heavily. CryptoVizer believes Bitgert’s frequent partnerships with utilities-filled projects have strongly influenced its continuous growth. 

Blockchain Express pointed out two triggers that will drive Bitgert to at least 400% this week, including robust utilities and proper community backing. Bitgert is set for an unstoppable movement to the top with these two in place.


With investors’ interest in Bitgert on a high, everyone is set to grab this opportunity to make good returns. Investors should carry out the needed scrutiny before making any decision. This research can be done by getting adequate information from


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