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Investors Turn to New Solana (SOL) Alternative Predicted for 100X Growth in 2024

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Decentralized blockchains like Solana (SOL) solving the trilemma, have seen parabolic growth thanks to investor interest. As the crypto market expands, new innovative projects emerge that improve upon existing layer-1s. One such alternative layer-2 blockchain, Pandoshi (PAMBO), aims to compete with the likes of Solana in affordability, scalability, and usability.

What is Pandoshi?

Pandoshi brands itself as a manifesto championing privacy, decentralization, and monetary freedom. The goal is to build an ecosystem of decentralized products that enable frictionless decentralized finance operations. Core products in development include the PandaChain layer-2 blockchain, the PandoshiSwap decentralized exchange, and the Pandoshi Wallet.

The wallet was recently launched in beta for Android users and is accessible via Google Play. The Pandoshi Wallet allows easy storage and interaction with dApps in the ecosystem. Other products, like crypto debit cards called Cardoshi, are also in the works. A thriving suite of products contributes to blockchain adoption.

At the heart of Pandoshi lies the PandaChain layer-2 blockchain. Similar to Solana, PandaChain utilizes innovations like the PolyBFT consensus mechanism to achieve the blockchain trilemma. Decentralized apps like PandoshiSwap deployed on the PandaChain will benefit from high throughput, low transaction fees and EVM compatibility. 

In addition, features like zkEVM, powered by zero-knowledge proofs, offer privacy. Scalability does not have to come at the cost of anonymity with Pandoshi. 

The PandoshiSwap decentralized exchange being developed on PandaChain will provide traders fast and affordable DeFi, compatibility with hardware wallets provides traders with safety. Staking, farming and margin trading ensure standard DeFi features.

A portion of fees collected by the platform will go towards buying and burning the native PAMBO token making it deflationary. Popular DEXs like Solana’s Serum and Ethereum’s Uniswap that Pandoshi aims to compete against have seen immense growth.

Pandoshi Growth Prediction 

Cryptocurrency prices are volatile, making 100x price multiplication achievable for fundamentally strong projects. Solana itself gained nearly 100x within a year as adoption shot up. Innovative blockchain project Terra also saw record growth before eventual collapse. 

Pandoshi has strong potential to emulate the runaway growth of top layer-1s. In a bull market, speculators and investors bid up the prices of promising emerging cryptos. Currently in presale, early-bird investors accumulate tokens priced at $0.01 before 2024 launch. With a focus on usability and utility, Pandoshi aims for wide mainstream reach in DeFi. If even a fraction of Solana’s success is achieved, a 100x price estimate is reasonable for the PAMBO coin. Of course, execution risks remain prevalent with any ambitious crypto project.


Pandoshi markets itself as the next evolution of decentralized layer-2 blockchains. With affordability matching networks like Solana and the goal of forming a thriving ecosystem, Pandoshi aims high. Early investor interest in the deflationary PAMBO token is indicated by 30% of the initial supply selling out in presale so far.

Realistically, not all emerging cryptos can emulate the breakout growth of Solana. But fundamental strength combined with strong tokenomics can potentially propel Pandoshi to the ranks of the top DeFi platforms. For speculative investors, getting in early while Pandoshi is looking to compete against giants like Solana seems like a savvy move. Especially if bold triple-digit growth forecasts for PAMBO price materialize after the 2024 launch.

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