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Is Bitgert Ready for a 200% Jump? Weekly Market Analysis

The crypto market is one of the most favorable investment options for people around the world right now. The market has grown incredibly in the past few months as cryptocurrencies have touched new heights. While the top coins have gone out of reach for the new investors, there are some tokens that have incredible potential and are still trading at a great price. Bitgert’s BRISE coin is one of the options that investors can easily consider because of its performance in the market.

Bitgert’s BRISE coin is growing tremendously and has beaten the performance of even the top coins in terms of price rise. Experts are not predicting that Bitgert’s BRISE coin may have a 200% price surge this week. Let’s understand how Bitgert has created such an environment and whether its native coin will have a 200% price surge.

What is Bitgert All About?

Bitgert is currently one of the most favored blockchain networks. Tech companies and individual developers prefer hosting their projects on the Bitgert chain. Bitgert was launched in 2021 as a competition to the chains like Solana and Cardano. According to the Bitgert team, they are addressing the problems no blockchain network has focused on.

Bitgert works in combination with PoA and PoS consensus mechanisms. It helps the network offer a speed of 100k TPS, which is the highest you can get in the market currently. It tackles the issue of delays while performing transactions on a project. Then, the transaction fee on Bitgert is negligible, making this network a preferred option for the developers.

Owing to these advantages, the Bitgert chain has created a complete ecosystem of exchanges, NFT marketplace, dApps, games, etc. All of this is powered by Bitgert’s very own BRISE coin. Projects like the GPTverse have also announced their partnership with the Bitgert chain. This has promoted more cash flow into the Bitgert ecosystem while increasing the usage of Bitgert’s BRISE coin.

Looking at the Market Growth of Bitgert’s BRISE Coin

Bitgert’s strong and vocal community is a major asset. Their unwavering support and constant engagement create a positive buzz around the project. Furthermore, the Bitgert team’s dedication to development is commendable. Their consistent delivery of new features and upgrades instills confidence in the project’s long-term potential.

Bitgert’s BRISE coin has benefitted in the market because of this community. 61% of the supply for Bitgert’s BRISE coin has already been burnt because of the deflationary mechanism of the token. Still, the investments in the token are increasing each day. The market performance of Bitgert’s BRISE coin clearly tells how the token will jump up every day. The RSI score of this token is close to 50, which indicates a price surge. Then, the MACD value, the trading volume, and the moving average of Bitgert’s BRISE coin indicate a bullish behavior for the currency.


Now that you have looked at all the points that work in favor of Bitgert’s BRISE coin, deciding to invest in it might have become easier. The experts have a positive outlook towards Bitgert’s BRISE coin. The tokenomics and the market performance of Bitgert’s BRISE clearly prove that the predicted 200% price surge is easily achievable for this coin. 

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