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Is Fantom’s Correction Complete? Polygon AI Competitor Set to Hit New High 

Is Fantom’s Correction Complete? Polygon AI Competitor Set to Hit New High 
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After being in a downtrend for some time, Fantom (FTM) finally bounced back. The brief slump had a section of analysts concerned about how the token would impact other crypto assets. 

For many people, the next question is if Fantom’s price correction is complete. However, experts have claimed that it’s too early to say anything about the sustainability of the token’s recovery. 

An emerging crypto that has been the perfect distraction for crypto users is InQubeta (QUBE). The AI-driven crypto project helps AI innovators find investors for their projects. 

With a presale funding of more than $13.6 million, the cryptocurrency is being considered a rival to top names like Polygon (MATIC).

InQubeta: Adding the AI edge to cryptocurrencies

By enabling the average crypto user to invest in AI-led projects, InQubeta has set the bar high for innovation in the DeFi space. As AI makes rapid strides in multiple sectors, InQubeta is being hailed as one of the best altcoins to buy now.

The platform has a straightforward model where NFTs representing startup innovations are bought with InQubeta’s native coin, the QUBE token. Without any formalities, crypto users can become equity owners in startups and even invest in multiple projects at the same time. 

Apart from being the official cryptocurrency of the InQubeta network, the QUBE token is also its governance coin. The token holders are invited to peruse through proposals of protocol upgrades or new features and determine if they should be implemented. 

The InQubeta model works around market conditions but doesn’t let them impact its token’s performance. Sporting a deflationary character, the token enjoys a relative immunity against inflation and market volatility. Whenever either of these factors is on the rise, the token supply is restricted. As people find it hard to get their hands on the asset, its value goes up. The mechanism gives the QUBE token enough room to grow despite market headwinds.

Apart from financially empowering crypto users, InQubeta also helps startups expand operations with its mentorship and accounting support services. The InQubeta network includes several accomplished professionals from fields like AI and marketing. 

Startups can rope them in as mentors or simply brainstorm to find new ways to grow their businesses. If they are stuck with an accounting issue, innovators can seek advice from InQubeta’s team of financial experts.

Fantom unveils fund for meme coin developers

Fantom is a leading blockchain network where developers can build high-performance dApps.  The network has a native cryptocurrency, FTM, which is used for settling all on-chain payments.

The platform has joined the league of top crypto coins with its focus on innovation. The crypto project recently created a $6.5 million development fund to encourage the creation of secure meme coins.

As part of the initiative, the platform will set aside 10 million FTM tokens, Fantom Foundation CEO Michael Kong said. According to Kong, the initiative would encourage measures to avoid scams or exploits in the name of meme-based crypto projects.

For a brief period, the FTM token’s slide sparked worries about its future. However, the token was quick to recover and impress the market with a price correction.

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Polygon releases Miden Alpha testnet

Polygon is a Layer 2 blockchain that provides scaling solutions for Ethereum-friendly networks. Its native token MATIC is used for paying gas fees and other on-chain transactions. 

Many developers consider the network a good crypto to buy due to USPs like sharding and its multi-chain capabilities. 

It was recently in the news after its Miden Alpha testnet went live. Powered by zero-knowledge technology, Miden Alpha is capable of pioneering innovation and generates proof locally when developers are transitioning between states. 

The feature does away with the need to disclose a developer’s state to the whole network. 


In the race to become the best crypto investment of 2024, there are a few tokens that have been performing as well as InQubeta, Fantom, and Polygon. With their bullish trajectories, the three coins have stoked hopes of a good market run among crypto analysts. 

Users can accumulate these coins at regular intervals for a high-yield portfolio for the long term. 

Experts are also optimistic about the coins’ prospects as the latter’s recent achievements are major growth drivers. Be it Fantom’s fund for memecoin developers or Polygon’s Miden Alpha testnet, the developments have helped the cryptocurrencies tap into new audience groups.

Not to be outdone, InQubeta has been striving ahead with an exciting roadmap that’s peppered with exciting launches like a staking dApp. The QUBE token is now also listed on prime exchanges like Uniswap and MEXC.

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