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Is Meme Rally a Taste of What’s to Come for Alts? And Will This Meme/GameFi Coin Disrupt the P2E Industry?

Is Meme Rally a Taste of What's to Come for Alts? And Will This Meme/GameFi Coin Disrupt the P2E Industry?
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Memecoins are addictive. They post triple-digit daily returns, and anyone, literally anyone, can change their tax bracket with a single trade. The most recent memecoin mania proved this, and is this meme rally a taste of what is to come for alts? 

Everyone is waiting for the Ethereum ($ETH) ETF to start the firing gun, and this year, we will witness an altcoin season that blows DeFi Summer out of the water. GameFi is another vertical investors are watching and Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) has risen through the ranks to become a leading contender. Could it be the top crypto to buy now, and will this meme/ GameFi coin disrupt the P2E industry?

Altcoin Season: When?

Capital rotations in crypto follow a well-trodden path. Bitcoin ($BTC), Ethereum, and finally, altcoins. This cycle has been different due to the exogenous buy pressure from TradFi for Bitcoin. Spot ETFs opened the capital floodgates, and anybody looking at market flows knew that $BTC was the winning answer to what cryptos to buy now. However, Bitcoin remains relatively isolated, and this wealth tends to stay put rather than spilling out into the broader ecosystem.

The Ethereum ETF will be an entirely different beast. $ETH is the main form of collateral across DeFi, and TradFi pumping Ethereum price will have a knock-on and immediate effect on-chain. This is when altcoins start to fly, and with such an obvious starting pistol, investors better make sure they are fully allocated way before. Once the approval occurs, it will be too late to jump on the train. Pay special attention to ERC-20s, which will undergo a renaissance period and outperform almost everything. 

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Turning the P2E Industry Upside Down

Galaxy Fox has been hailed as a top crypto to buy now and is challenging the play-to-earn industry with its new hybrid model. Instead of being a single-dimensional project with a game that pays out rewards to players like traditional play-to-earn projects, Galaxy Fox is building an all-in-one entertainment and upside bonanza.

The Web3 runner plays a significant role in this ecosystem but is only part of it. Players compete in the infinite runner game, and the top 20% earn prizes at the end of each season. NFT integration adds a new layer to the gaming experience, and NFT holders unlock special in-game prizes. Players can additionally use $GFOX tokens to upgrade their stats, with 50% of all spending rolling directly into the next prize pool.

Any other P2E project would call it a day. However, Galaxy Fox incorporates this component into a traditional memecoin build, meaning that $GFOX owners go to the next level regarding upside potential. The tokenomics model includes a token burn and even staking rewards, allowing holders to earn yield on a deflationary asset.

Galaxy Fox’s unique taxation system routes capital throughout the ecosystem to encourage growth, and this clever token pays out yield without inflationary emissions by funding payouts with taxes. Taxes even fund the Treasury, which orchestrates marketing campaigns to draw in more new users. $GFOX is a growth bomb waiting to go off and easily one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy now. 

Closing Thoughts: Join the Galaxy Fox Presale Today Before the Mania Begins

An altcoin mania phase is brewing, and ERC-20 tokens like Galaxy Fox will be at the front of the line for a blast-off post-$ETH ETF. Getting in today is how you snag 100X returns. $GFOX remains criminally undervalued with a $4 million market cap explaining why it is the top crypto to buy now- before its retail launch.

The dynamism of crypto rewards players that support and push new ideas, and Galaxy Fox’s hybrid model is exactly the upgrade the P2E and memecoin spaces needed. Strap in. Things are about to get wild. 

Learn more about $GFOX here:

Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join the Community


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