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JP Morgan Flips Bullish On $BTC as ETFs Crush Expectations; $GFOX Hits $3.5 Million

JP Morgan Flips Bullish On $BTC as ETFs Crush Expectations; $GFOX Hits $3.5 Million
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JP Morgan flips bullish on Bitcoin ($BTC) as ETFs crush expectations, and the United States’ largest Bank has made a complete 180 on its crypto outlook. Jamie Dimon has spoken out multiple times against cryptocurrency and $BTC, but market inflows tell no lies and $BTC’s rapid gains have turned JP Morgan analysts into crypto bulls.

It is only a matter of time before liquidity spills into the broader ecosystem, and the real question is what cryptos to buy now before the move into altcoins begins. Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) hits $3.5 million in presale funding and is positioning itself as a front-runner for the coming altcoin season.

JP Morgan Flips Bullish On Bitcoin ($BTC)

Demand for Bitcoin ETFs maintains its uptrend, and last week, inflows hit a new record of $2.4 billion. Outflows from Greyscale’s GBTC product are no longer making a dent, and institutional buyers want in. JP Morgan analysts raised their outlook for Coinbase ($COIN) following an impressive quarterly earnings report, and $COIN remains one of the most straightforward TradFi stocks for crypto exposure. They noted the accelerated rate of inflows into $BTC ETFs, which has driven Bitcoin’s price up more than 25% in the last month.

JP Morgan is America’s largest bank, and this old financial giant flipping bullish on digital assets is one of the most obvious markers that $BTC and other digital assets are here to stay. The ETF products have been a godsend for Bitcoin, and the ability to purchase $BTC via a standard brokerage account has been a game-changer. Inflows remain solid and stable, and Bitcoin is a top crypto to buy in the current conditions. Further upside is expected until late 2025, and predictions forecast $BTC trading in the six-figure range at the end of this year. 

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Hits $3.5 Million

Galaxy Fox has hit $3.5 million in its presale and is becoming a default answer to what cryptos to buy now. Soon, liquidity will spill out from $BTC and enrich the DeFi ecosystem. On top of this, the Ethereum ($ETH) ETF will provide another substantial on-chain liquidity surge. An altcoin season is coming, and small-cap presales like $GFOX will launch in nearly perfect conditions.

This nascent memecoin/ P2E project has enjoyed fabulous success in early funding, partly thanks to its broad market appeal. Its P2E component, the Web3 runner game, has attracted GameFi enthusiasts and coasts of the ongoing revitalization of the play-to-earn sector. Each season, Galaxy Fox pays out prizes to the top 20% of the leaderboard, and in this galactic ecosystem, gaming acumen translates into cold, hard cash.

Galaxy Fox’s memecoin exterior plays on all the classic viral traits associated with the genre, and a peak under the hood at the tokenomics model highlights why $GFOX is being hailed as a top crypto to invest in. A total of 70% of the supply is allocated to presale participants, and this distributed ownership is a key factor in defining a memecoin’s ability to rally.

Deflationary tokenomics thanks to the burn campaign and even staking rewards via the protocol’s Stargate module. An NFT layer is built on top of the ecosystem; there is even a line of real-world merchandise. Galaxy Fox is redefining what it means to be a memecoin, and with a down-only total supply following launch, early investors should strap in. 

Closing Thoughts: $BTC Liquidity Overspill & Altcoin Season

Bitcoin liquidity is steadily seeping into DeFi, but this process will hyper-accelerate with the launch of the $ETH ETF. There will be another drastic on-chain season, and investors should position themselves now or risk being late to the party. What cryptos to buy now? Undervalued on-chain gems.

Galaxy Fox is a perfect example. Located in two of this cycle’s most substantial narratives and launching in ideal conditions for a small cap, $GFOX is ready to cook. Participate in the presale today! 

Learn more about $GFOX here:

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