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Kaspa Whales Buy In As BlockDAG’s Keynote Takes Over Tokyo’s Shibuya Crossing; Spotlighting $600M Roadmap

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Thousands of pedestrians at Shibuya Crossing were surprised when the latest keynote video of a new cryptocurrency BlockDAG (BDAG) lit up the screens on Tokyo’s busiest street. The video, which has gone viral upon its release, marked its debut on the iconic billboard of Shibuya Crossing, igniting widespread interest across the cryptocurrency market.

BlockDAG transformed into an overnight sensation as soon as its presale was announced. But the subsequent release of its keynote video, along with its dramatic unveiling on the screens of Shibuya Crossing, has only intensified the excitement surrounding it. Touted for its potential to rival the leading names in the crypto arena, BlockDAG’s keynote release has further pumped up its ongoing presale, leading investors to rush to invest in the new cryptocurrency, drawn by promises of substantial returns.

Keynote Reveals BlockDAG’s Roadmap to $600 Million Milestone for 2024

Amid the growing popularity of BlockDAG, the latest keynote video has become the talk of the town, heralding a new era in digital currency investments. The keynote has garnered significant interest, capturing the attention and investments of the industry’s heavyweights and whales of major crypto such as Shib Inu and Solana.

The 15-minute video proves BlockDAG’s formidable position against other leading cryptocurrencies. Already nicknamed the ‘Kaspa Killer’ by analysts, the keynote meticulously examines each factor that positions BlockDAG as a significant competitor in the cryptocurrency arena. 

With plans to mirror, or even surpass, the trajectories of major cryptocurrencies like Kaspa, Bitcoin, Helium, and Shiba Inu, the video promises investors of impressive returns that will substantially enhance their fortunes. 

The roadmap, shared in the keynote, has designed BlockDAG to take it to the top 50 cryptocurrencies following its presale launch and see staggering price surge. The keynote reveals that although BlockDAG has taken inspiration from Bitcoin and Kaspa, the new crypto will not simply be following the footsteps of its predecessors. 

Sharing BlockDAG’s incredible plans of forging a new path in blockchain technology, the presenter in the keynote dives into BDAG’s focus on empowering individuals and transforming industries. Unlike other cryptos, BlockDAG has put accessibility, decentralisation, security and scalability at its core. 

As the keynote highlights, BlockDAG emphasises making mining accessible to every crypto enthusiast, enabling them to mine coins however they want. The video discloses the features and capabilities of BlockDAG’s crypto miners, ranging from X1 to X100. 

Its most basic BlockDAG X1 mining application enables inexperienced miners or those looking for effortless mining to mine using their smartphones using just a mobile application. BlockDAG’s x10, x30, and x100 machines offer home mining options for experienced miners across different levels of capability. The project also has exclusive offers for its corporate clients who want to build industrial-sized mining farms. 

Keynote Billboard Signals BlockDAG’s Long-Term Dedication to Investors

Launching BlockDAG’s keynote on the expensive billboard at Tokyo’s bustling Shibuya Crossing showcases the developers’ strong commitment to the project and represents a significant financial commitment. This move reassures both existing and potential investors of the BlockDAG team’s dedication for the long haul, despite the high costs associated. 

Fueled by circulating rumours of a prominent Silicon Valley CEO backing BlockDAG and the team’s unwavering dedication, investors view this new cryptocurrency as a stunning investment opportunity. The BlockDAG team is reportedly preparing to dazzle New York next, with plans to unveil its keynote video on the legendary billboards of Times Square. 

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