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“Legendary Game Designer Yoshiki Okamoto Unveiled New Game Title “Project Creta” on 8th of April, for Creta’s Web3 GameFi Incubation Program NEXUS”

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates– (April 12th, 2024) – Creta has announced the launch of “Project Creta”, the latest project by the legendary game producer, Yoshiki Okamoto, known for his work on popular games like Street Fighter 2 and the mobile game Monster Strike. This project is the first to be launched under CRETA NEXUS, an incubation program for projects developing entertainment content. The game presentation event took place on April 8th this week.  

Yoshiki Okamoto’s project presentation was held this week on 8th of April

(From Left: Thomas Vu, Ray Nakazato, Yoshiki Okamoto, Sangyoun Lee)

On April 8th, a highly anticipated event took place in Tokyo where game designer Yoshiki Okamoto presented “Project Creta” which will be launched on CRETA NEXUS. This exclusive event attracted a diverse audience, including fans of Okamoto, potential investors, and industry luminaries such as Thomas Vu, an Emmy Awards winner and producer of League of Legends. Attendees were required to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements to maintain confidentiality as the project details were exclusively disclosed. While specific project details remain confidential, periodic updates will be provided to the public via the CRETA NEXUS page throughout the project’s development phase. In a previous video message, Yoshiki Okamoto hinted at some features, mentioning keywords like “enjoying the tension” and “everyone can clear it,” indicating a focus on creating an engaging experience. Additionally, there are discussions about potentially integrating eSports elements into the project.


After the presentation event that took place between 3:30 PM and 5:00 PM, Creta hosted an after-party known as the CRETARIAN NIGHT. The attendees include participants of “Project Creta” presentation, renowned game creators and developers, game media representatives, game influencers, Web3 influencers, as well as Creta supporters. During the event, Creta representatives had the opportunity to showcase some of the latest developments and achievements of Creta, including the Dayroot Metaverse of Creta Multiverse. Recently, Creta organized a private CBT event in Seoul to introduce the Dayroot Metaverse, where a limited number of participants experienced the sophisticated SciFi concept world with state-of-the-art visuals and an exhilarating battle royale shooting game known as the Dayroot Battle Arena. Yoshiki Okamoto greeted the crowd, followed by Thomas Vu and Ohji Hiroi, while Joohyung Jang and Seokho Yoon, both from Creta, were also invited on stage to present a brief presentation of Creta content.

What is known about CRETA NEXUS 

CRETA NEXUS is a support program that allows creators to present their project ideas to the world and seek development support from a wide global community. The program offers rewards to project backers, such as early access, limited editions, game items, and revenue-based benefits from the project.

In CRETA NEXUS, the incubation process works on an “all-or-nothing” basis, meaning that the success or failure of a project is determined by whether the set fundraising goal is achieved within the specified period. Project support is only established if the target amount is reached during the fundraising period and transactions with backers occur. Additionally, funding is primarily carried out using CRETA tokens. “I recently came across the NEXUS program offered by CRETA and was intrigued by this unique initiative within the cryptocurrency platform. It allows for challenging projects that may not be feasible on conventional gaming platforms. It’s evident from the team at CRETA that they prioritize the fun and excitement of gaming. Therefore, I’ve decided to propose a project that I’ve secretly planned, and which could potentially be one of the achievements of my game development career. I’m excited about the possibilities and eagerly anticipate the support and expectations from everyone involved.” – commented Yoshiki Okamoto


Creta is a gaming platform that operates on web3 technology, and it is based in Dubai, UAE. The platform has a team of renowned developers, publishers, and blockchain experts who are highly respected in the global gaming industry. Some notable figures on the team include Ray Nakazato, a renowned producer with significant contributions to the gaming industry, and Alexander Harutyunyan, the former CEO of European gaming publisher INNOVA. The team also includes Seok-ho Yoon, CEO of CCR and the representative of Korea’s national game Fortress. Additionally, legendary game industry artisan Yoshiki Okamoto, known for developing iconic titles such as Street Fighter 2 and Resident Evil, and Monster Strike, which have collectively generated billions of dollars in revenue, along with Thomas Vu, the producer of League of Legends and Arcane, have formed a partnership. This partnership between these experts is expected to create a world-class lineup of Web3 game titles.  Creta operates on the highly scalable and high-performance public blockchain called ‘Locus Chain’, which significantly reduces server costs. It provides an extensive web3 platform consisting of four main components:

建物, 屋外, ストリート, 市 が含まれている画像


  • CRETA Multiverse – Infinitely expandable metaverse assets
  • CRETA Game Platform – Offering a variety of Web2 and Web3 games
  • CRETA Studio – Supporting high-quality game and content production
  • CRETA SuperClub – A Web3 community platform connecting the entire CRETA ecosystem
    (Further Details:

About Yoshiki Okamoto

  • OKAKICHI SDN. BHD. Director・Game Producer
  • Deluxe Games Sdn. Bhd. Game Producer
  • Cave Interactive Co Ltd. Non-Executive Director

Yoshiki Okamoto, originally from Ehime Prefecture, has left an indelible mark on the gaming industry. In the early ’90s, he sparked an unprecedented surge in the world of competitive fighting games with “Street Fighter II.” His influence extended beyond that title, as he played a pivotal role in the creation of blockbuster games such as “Resident Evil” and “Monster Hunter.” Notably, he was also involved in the development of “Monster Strike,” a massively popular smartphone app game.

In November 2017, Okamoto was appointed executive director of the Japan Game Culture Promotion Foundation.  In this role, he actively supported and nurtured young and emerging game creators, guiding them in the gaming world.

In 2018, he embarked on a new chapter in his career, relocating to Johor Bahru, Malaysia, and adopting innovative approaches to game development.

On February 22, 2018, he launched “Kingdom Ran – The Road to Unification,” a game that received widespread acclaim.

Okamoto also ventured into content creation on YouTube, establishing the ” Yoshiki Okamoto Gamech(岡本吉起 ゲームch)” channel in April 2020. Through this platform, he shares intriguing stories from his past, including the challenges he faced and the essential ingredients for creating hit games.

Creta is currently listed on CoinMarketCap as Creta World.

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