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Mass Adoption Hinges on Bitcoin’s L2 Era; Hedera and InQubeta Experience Rising Popularity

Press Releases

Despite being one of the best altcoins to buy now, Bitcoin’s institutional adoption has been obstructed by factors like programmability and technical scalability. In a recent report, Spartan Group and Web 3.0 analyst Kyle Ellicott claimed that Bitcoin could resolve these challenges through the development of Layer 2 solutions.

The report states that these secondary layers can boost mainstream adoption of the network by leveraging dormant capital.

Meanwhile, InQubeta (QUBE) and Hedera (HBAR) were in the news due to their impressive performance. They currently rank among the most sought-after cryptocurrencies. For InQubeta, the uptick in its popularity is also due to its presale success. So far, its ICO has collected over $8.5 million.

InQubeta: Helping AI startups stand out 

InQubeta is known for its enterprise-grade solutions that can help startups solve challenges in business development. Be it fundraising, solving accounting issues, or spreading awareness about their brand, InQubeta can help AI startups scale ahead while tackling challenges. 

Crypto users can invest in startup projects by buying their corresponding NFTs at InQubeta’s online marketplace. These NFTs are bought in terms of the platform’s native cryptocurrency, the QUBE token. Apart from settling payments, the native token is used for dispersing staking rewards.

The QUBE token is an asset whose returns don’t take a beating when inflation is high as it has a deflationary model. The quality can be attributed to the asset’s deflationary model. 

The model restricts the token supply as inflation rises so that it lags behind the demand. The mismatch between the two market forces pushes the value of the token by minimizing price fluctuations. Hence, even if market conditions are not ideal, the token trades at stable prices. Any extra tokens due to an increase in supply are burned.

Named one of the best crypto investments of 2024, InQubeta has made a mark for itself with its utility-centric services. Considering the limited resources that startups have, it puts them in touch with experienced industry professionals who can guide them. Startups can choose mentors from AI veterans with rich experience and learn more about the sector from them.

These companies can find answers for law-related or accounting issues by interacting with InQubeta’s team of trusted advisors. Finally, if they are looking to put the word out about their brand, they can expand their network with the platform’s marketing support.


Bitcoin ETFs have more assets under management than Silver

Bitcoin is a permissionless digital currency that’s used for digital payments globally. Its native token is BTC.

There have also been reports that Bitcoin’s mass adoption could be boosted by developing Layer 2 solutions. The report compiled by Spartan Group and Kyle Ellicott opens new opportunities for the Web 3.0 space and analysts suggest that the development could help Bitcoin make further gains in the market.

Bitcoin unlocked a major milestone this year after US regulators gave their approval to spot Bitcoin ETFs. The journey comes after months of discussions on ETF acceptance criteria and resolving the SEC’s concerns. 

After debuting on the market on January 10, the ETFs received record-high investor inflows. According to a report by CoinDesk, Bitcoin ETFs have more assets under management than silver-based ETFs in the US. They only trail behind gold ETFs in the US. 

Hitachi US becomes the latest member of Hedera Council

Hedera is an open-source platform offering online payments and a range of Web 3.0 tools for creating decentralized solutions. The proof-of-stake platform has released a native token called HBAR.

Hedera is considered to be one of 2024’s top crypto coins which is why analysts have a lot of expectations from the cryptocurrency. As investor interest in the HBAR token rises, these experts suggest that one should consider accumulating their Hedera holdings.

The platform hit the headlines by partnering with Hitachi US and onboarding the Tokyo-based group on the Hedera Council. 

With the collaboration, Hedera would leverage the conglomerate’s experience in industrial solutions to deploy proof-of-concepts for supply chains. These solutions will be powered by Hedera’s flagship distributed ledger technology.



Bitcoin, InQubeta, and Hedera are good cryptos to buy if you are aiming big in 2024. These tokens are continuing their successful run in 2024 and offer the additional benefit of diversification. 

Leveraging DeFi, these crypto projects democratize wealth creation and enable people to become financially secure. Their security frameworks have also been reviewed by leading blockchain audit companies. 

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