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Matrixport: $BTC to $63K by March; $GFOX to $5 Million

Matrixport: $BTC to $63K by March; $GFOX to $5 Million
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Popular financial service platform Matrixport made a post via its official handle on X (formerly Twitter) on December 1st, 2023, predicting that $BTC will hit over $63,000 by April 2024, and $125,000 by December 2024. According to the platform, its predictions are based on historic market data. With less than 40 days until April 2024, investors and analysts are eager to see if this prediction will become a reality. Meanwhile, memecoins like GFOX are surpassing prediction records as the coin is set to hit $5 million by April 2024.

$BTC to Reach $63K by April 2024

According to its website, Matrixport is a crypto-based financial services platform. Its services include the sale, purchase, and loan of crypto assets.

As a crypto platform, Matrixport often shares crypto news updates and makes price predictions occasionally. Hence, its $BTC price prediction was not a surprise; what shocked most people was the predicted value. At that time, Bitcoin was worth less than $39,000, and its price was quite unstable.

The Matrixport prediction has, however, resurfaced because of the recent surge in BTC’s price in the last 30 days. With Bitcoin halving closer, investors, analysts, enthusiasts, and spectators are eager to see how BTC’s price will perform in the days following Matrixport’s $63,000 timeline.

This platform’s bullish outlook is hinged on the recent launch of Bitcoin spot ETFs, the impending Bitcoin halving, and the influence of macroeconomics. So far, statistics have revealed that the launch of Bitcoin spot ETFs has attracted new investors. This is expected to increase demand for Bitcoin and drive prices upward. The statistics also revealed an impressive ETF’s daily trading volume. These two factors are clear indications that BTC’s popularity is growing and more investors are showing interest.

Another factor that influenced the platform’s prediction is the upcoming Bitcoin halving likely to take place in April 2024. Historically, Bitcoin halvings have always led to a decrease in its supply and a subsequent rise in its price.

The final factors for Matrixport’s price prediction are external factors. This can be linked to subsequent Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meetings. The FOMC is expected to adjust interest rates and thus influence the price of crypto assets.

Judging by the posts across social media, crypto investor sentiments are positive. Many analysts have predicted that 2024 may be BTC’s most bullish year thus far. On the other hand, some analysts have hinted that the market’s popularity will attract regulatory oversight that will limit the current price surge. While analysts are still making uncertain forecasts about $BTC, a majority of these analysts are positive that $GFOX is the next big thing in the crypto space. 

$GFOX is steadily marching to $5 million.

Galaxy Fox Token (GFOX) is making waves in the crypto space with its utility meme features and play-to-earn (P2E) benefits. Analysts are tipping $GFOX as the next big meme coin, with multiple opportunities for early token holders to generate passive income.

With Galaxy Fox, players get more than the thrill of the Web3 endless runner game. The platform rewards the top 20% players each season with enticing gifts redeemable for GFOX tokens.

The network’s presale also offers a limited collection of 3,000 NFTs that are exclusive to its token holders. These NFTs can be minted directly from the Galaxy Fox website and popular platforms like OpenSea.

Galaxy Fox fosters a strong community of users. The platform allocates 2% of every transaction to the Galaxy Fox Stargate, thereby incentivizing active community engagement and rewarding participants.

$GFOX has shown signs of success. The token crossed the $1 million mark in December 2023 and the $3 million sales mark in January 2024. Hence, analysts have predicted that GFOX will reach $5 million in sales by April 2024. $GFOX’s presale price of $0.002178 is a good opportunity for early investors to capitalize on its potential.

With its offerings and utilities, $GFOX is poised to be one of the most profitable coins in 2024. With its current price trend, investors can get 100x their initial investment when the token is launched and listed on major exchanges.

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Final Thoughts

Matrixport’s prediction that Bitcoin will reach $63,000 by April 2024 and $125,000 by year-end is good news for investors. While historical data supports Bitcoin’s potential to reach this height, it may be limited by looming oversight.

The launch of spot ETFs, Bitcoin halving, and interest rates are generally good for the crypto market, especially memecoins. Galaxy Fox Token ($GFOX) has already taken the lead. With its current sales track, the coin is riding the price wave to $5 million. $GFOX is the perfect life-time investment. At 0.002178, now is the best time to buy GFOX.

Learn more about $GFOX here:

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