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Mega Dice Token: First Licensed Telegram Casino Announces New Crypto Presale

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The ongoing volatile crypto market has left even the most prominent industry players on the wrong side of the curve. While all this is happening, new crypto projects such as Mega Dice (DICE) are taking this opportunity to leverage innovation and stand out. 

Launched in 2022, Mega Dice is a relatively new entry into the casino market. It is now expanding its offerings through $DICE, the project’s native crypto token, which allows holders to access a range of perks and staking rewards within the ecosystem. 

The Mega Dice project is making the DICE token available through its new crypto presale and has already raised close to $400,000. This comes as no surprise, as the crypto-centric casino project offers many enticing perks for players.   

What Is Mega Dice?

Mega Dice made headlines last year by becoming the first-ever licensed crypto casino made accessible via the Telegram app, including on Cointelegraph.

Players can use the Telegram bot to execute decisions on their behalf without having to visit the website. These innovative approaches will rank the project with the existing leaders in the industry, such as  

The Mega Dice project aims to leverage Telegram’s existing 700 million user base to make casino crypto more accessible. This innovative approach will help reach the right audience and offer user-friendly and creative ways to access the online gambling world. 

The project offers thousands of table and live casino games from some of the industry’s leading software companies, such as Evolution and Pragmatic Play. Mega Dice (DICE) also lets you bet on popular games such as Aviator and Plinko from the comfort of your mobile device through its Telegram bot.      

With its latest crypto offering, Mega Dice is adopting a rev-share model to achieve long-term growth. 

Mega Dice Introduces DICE – a Native Crypto to Unlock Gains

DICE is the native token of the Mega Dice project that players can use to get the best casino experience. There are many perks of owning the DICE native token, including:

  • Daily Rewards: The Mega Dice platform offers daily rewards to DICE holders who have staked their token holdings on the casino’s daily performance. 
  • Limited Edition NFTs: Select DICE holders and players within the ecosystem will get limited edition NFTs that give access to special privileges and rewards. You can even trade these NFTs in the market and earn impressive returns. 
  • Integration With The Gaming Ecosystem: The DICE token is integrated with the casino ecosystem, giving you seamless access, perks, and rewards. 
  • Early Bird Rewards: Participating in the DICE token presale gives you access to bonus DICE tokens, which will help increase the initial value of your investment. 
  • Referral Program: Every DICE token holder can enjoy a generous 25% rev-share through the Mega Dice Referral Program. 

Why Investors Should Consider Picking $DICE?

Most prominent crypto projects, such as BTC and ETH, are experiencing a steep downfall, resulting in halving their values. Since the Mega Dice project recently started its presale stages and offers a distinct approach to crypto casino gaming, it seems likely that most users will opt for the new kid on the block.   

The project’s presales are still ongoing, and it has raised close to $400k at press time. This is a notable development in the present bearish market, where crypto projects are experiencing significant losses. 

Often the largest ROI is to be found by investing early in new crypto presales, with CryptoNews speculating above whether Mega Dice token could be the next 100x altcoin. 

Mega Dice establishes itself as an innovative alternative to conventional crypto-based casino projects. As the first licensed Telegram casino in the world, it automatically gets a headstart with an impressive global user base of about 700 million people. That user base could make it likely that Mega Dice (DICE) tokens will increase in valuation post launch. 

A Look at Mega Dice Tokenomics

When it comes to the tokenomics, the Solana blockchain-based DICE token stands tall, with a total supply of 420,000,000 tokens. Out of this total supply, the distribution of all tokens works as follows: 

  • 35% (147,000,000) of DICE tokens are allotted to presale stages 
  • 15% (63,000,000) to airdrops for players 
  • 15% (63,000,000) to Liquidity pool
  • 15% (63,000,000) to Casino DICE pool
  • 10% (42,000,000) to staking rewards
  • 5% (21,000,000) to marketing/KOL deals
  • 5% (21,000,000) to affiliates  

Mega Dice Roadmap

The Mega Dice project’s roadmap starts with the presale and marketing phase, during which teams allocate a portion of the raised funds to marketing efforts. 

The second stage will follow, where presale buyers claim their DICE tokens from the website and DEX listing to ensure a fair launch.  

The third stage will then follow suit, with the Mega Dice team adding a substantial liquidity pool, as 15% of DICE tokens are already set aside for this purpose. 

The fourth stage of the roadmap deals with early staking incentives. Presale buyers can stake their holdings into a smart contract before listing day to benefit from the high early rewards opportunity. 

The fifth and final stage in the Mega Dice roadmap includes the DEX launch. This will offer players and users the best trading environment and early liquidity.  

How To Take Part In The Mega Dice Crypto Presale

The Mega Dice project’s presale is still ongoing, and this presents an excellent opportunity for traders and casino enthusiasts. You must leverage this opportunity to 

become a part of the revolution in the crypto-driven casino sphere. 

To capitalize on the Mega Dice project’s growth potential, simply visit and connect a crypto wallet, or send SOL to the address on the homepage from a decentralized wallet – BQtF7wp29e9KDu7MHqvcdMjtUpZXABtqkRsbgnDpygi1

To stay updated with the project, follow its socials on:


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