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Meme Coin Sensation SLOTH Passes $7.5M in Presale as Influencers Hop Onboard

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A new animal is taking the meme coin space by storm – the sloth.

Slothana (SLOTH) has come out of nowhere to rake in over $7.5 million during its presale, capturing the attention of investors and influencers ahead of its exchange debut.

SLOTH exploded onto the scene ten days ago with a unique presale structure that immediately piqued the interest of traders.

Instead of a traditional ICO, early investors could simply send SOL tokens to a designated wallet address and receive SLOTH in return.

The ratio of SOL to SLOTH is 1:10,000 – giving SLOTH tokens a value of around $0.0188.

While the direct contribution method is still an option, Slothana’s team has since rolled out a widget on its website, allowing investors to link a Solana-compatible wallet and make purchases that way.

This innovative presale structure seems to be paying dividends so far.

With over $7.5 million in funding raised (and counting), investor demand for SLOTH is through the roof.

Moreover, despite being less than two weeks old, Slothana has already attracted over 10,500 followers on Twitter.

That social media following could prove vital in sustaining Slothana’s momentum as the creators gear up for its hugely anticipated exchange listing.

Top Crypto Influencers Hop On Slothana Hype Train

While Slothana’s presale numbers have been impressive, the real hype is now being provided by some of crypto’s top influencers.

On Twitter, high-profile names like Crypto Aman and PoliteMan have been outspokenly bullish on SLOTH’s potential.

Aman speculated that SLOTH could 100x once the token hits the open market.

Meanwhile, PoliteMan told his followers that he thinks SLOTH will “ignite.”

The buzz around Slothana has extended to YouTube as well.

Popular analysts like ClayBro and Crypto ZEUS have produced videos discussing Slothana, with the former describing SLOTH as the “next big Solana meme coin.”

Most notably, 99Bitcoins – a channel boasting over 707,000 subscribers – also recently covered Slothana in-depth.

With that kind of elite influencer spotlight being shined on a presale so early in its lifecycle, it’s no wonder that the buzz around Slothana is beginning to reach a crescendo.

Can Doge Day Buzz Lead to an Explosive SLOTH Debut?

The hype around Slothana is surging by the day, and anticipation could be set to explode further ahead of April 20 – aka “Doge Day.”

This annual celebration of meme coin culture stems from Dogecoin’s enormous rise in 2021, which captured the market’s attention.

History shows that speculation around joke coins tends to ramp up in the days surrounding 4/20.

Just last year, new tokens like Pepe (PEPE) saw jaw-dropping pumps towards the end of April and early May.

With the growth of no-utility coins like Bonk (BONK) and dogwifhat (WIF) still fresh in traders’ minds, the stage could also be set for SLOTH to attract a wave of buyers.

Meanwhile, presale investors are likely banking on a post-listing rally to kick things into high gear.

Of course, as meme coin traders are well aware, there’s no guarantee that any one token or project will be a success.

But with a growing online community, influencer backing, and favorable market conditions, Slothana is in a strong position as the presale rages on.

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