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Miss the Dip? You May Still Have One Last Chance Before the $BTC Halving; $GFOX Presale 94% Sold Out

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The vast majority of crypto investors and pundits foresee the price of $BTC rallying significantly  after its halving event. And many of them believe that last month’s price dip was the final chance to purchase it at a bargain prices. However, Rekt Capital suggests investors still have a shot at buying the cryptocurrency at a steal. 

Galaxy Fox is another crypto coin gaining significant  attention. The meme coin has sold out an impressive 94% of its stage 7 allocation as it heads closer to retail launch. It promises skyrocketing returns over the next year, making it one of the best crypto investments for ICO buyers. 

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX’s): New Meme with Extraordinary Potential 

Galaxy Fox is among this year’s top  ICOs. The memecoin has shown excellent potential, generating much hype in the market.. The crypto project deviates from the conventional “hype without utility” characterizing most new meme coins. Instead, it boasts remarkable features, combining GameFi elements with a playful touch of  meme culture. 

Galaxy Fox breathes new life into the meme ecosystem by introducing elements of other sectors. Its GameFi feature makes it an ecosystem to enjoy addictive web3 games and get financial incentives. Galaxy Fox has an endless runner game backed by NFTs, but subsequent development may include adding more games. 

Developers hope to see Galaxy Fox outperform top tokens in the gaming sector and the meme ecosystem. Hence, they’ve designed $GFOX to be universally functional on various web3 platforms. The meme token will unlock financial opportunities for holders via staking and a play-to-earn mechanism. 

Galaxy Fox has a 6% buy-and-sell tax policy, and its revenues fund staking rewards. It has a marketplace for trading NFTs and other digital items. Part of the revenues generated here replenishes the Galaxy Fox’s gaming reward pool. The project is well streamlined to ensure enough funds are available to aid its development and reward community members. It has a 10% liquidity lock allocation as reverse too. 

This shows Galaxy Fox isn’t a short-term project. The developers are dedicated to ensuring $GFOX remains relevant and profitable for years. The meme coin is set for its next presale stage, but purchasing the presale token before then will be smart. 

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Investors May Have One Last Shot  at Buying $BTC at A Bargain 

According to Rekt Capital, $BTC investors have only two weeks to purchase the cryptocurrency at a bargain before its pre-halving rally commences. This suggests that any Bitcoin price retracement within the next two weeks could be the last chance at buying low. Experts believe there’s a historic trend that $BTC follows during its halvings, and this year is no exception. 

Rekt Capital revealed in an X post that this trend occurs in five stages – three before the halving and the others afterward. According to them, there’s always a steep price decline months before every Bitcoin halving, which generates big returns for investors. They noted that $BTC has initially retraced by 20% in January, but investors can expect another pullback within the next two weeks. 

Rekt reveals that “any retrace during this period could be one of the final bargain-buying chances for $BTC in its pre-halving period.” Before the cryptocurrency enters the pre-halving rally, characterized by a price increase. After this, Rekt reveals that $BTC will experience a pre-halving retrace before the event. After the halving event, $BTC will go through a “boring” phase characterized by sideways price action before finally entering a “parabolic uptrend” phase where the cryptocurrency will experience accelerated growth. 

Rekt’s prediction is based on historical trends, focusing solely on halving as the catalyst for $BTC’s price action. However, some experts do not agree with this assertion, claiming that halving is becoming a less effective metric to predict price action. Raphael Zagury is among those who share this sentiment. The Swan Bitcoin’s Chief Investment Officer believes liquidity will impact $BTC’s price in 2024,  more than halving. He said, “Flows drive the market and by definition, halving has nothing on it that should impact price.”


 If $BTC follows past historical trends, investors might still have one last chance to “buy the dip” in a pull-back of 20% or more, which could happen in the next few weeks. Smart investors, rather than panic selling, will take advantage of this chance to stack more $BTC – as it may be their last chance before unprecedented market demand drives prices sky-high. Similarly, $GFOX is at the precise same junction. With only 6% of its presale coins remaining, now is the time to invest, before this coin hits 100x on the open retail market. Check out the link below and get in before the ICO is over. 

Learn more about $GFOX here:

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