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Most Trending Crypto Coins Today – Book Of Meme 2.0, Bonk 2.0, Dogecoin20

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The meme coin 2.0 meta has regained momentum in the crypto sphere, with Book of Meme 2.0, Bonk 2.0, and Dogecoin20 all trending today.

The rising interest reflects investors seeking a shot at the parabolic gains, following in the footsteps of the original meme coin sensations.

Book of Meme 2.0 and Bonk 2.0, metas of prominent Solana meme coins Book of Meme and Bonk, have seen drastic rises in interest today as they climb to the number 6 and 8 spot on CoinMarketCap’s trending list. 

CoinMarketCap users have been vocal in support of these projects, with positive comments flooding into their respective community pages.

“Investing in Book of Meme 2.0 is like joining a global meme revolution,” said Ranko Basic.

Meanwhile, Abrahambell said, “I’m so excited for BOME2’s future and can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

It seems the Book of Meme 2.0 excitement was kickstarted by a new airdrop on BitMart Exchange.

BitMart announced the giveaway just seven hours ago, and it has already amassed 20k views and 1.3K likes.

Book of Meme 2.0 also recently reported it is live on three centralized exchanges, BitMart, LBank, and Toolbit.

This added exposure via well-known centralized exchanges may have also bolstered its hype.

BOME2’s recent success is particularly impressive, given the project launched just over one week ago.

Moving to Bonk 2.0, the project is more established than Book of Meme 2.0, launching three weeks ago and currently holding a $1.3 million market cap.

CoinMarketCap community members have weighed in on the project, with Crayon8u saying, “I hear that this will likely be the next 2.0 meme coin to pump. We’ll see.”

Meanwhile, Abrahambell speculates, “The potential of Bonk2.0 is huge, and I’m confident that it’s going to be a game changer in the next bull run – I can’t wait to see what happens.”

Similar to Book of Meme 2.0, Bonk 2.0’s success seems to have derived from a BitMart airdrop, with the exchange announcing the giveaway yesterday.

Indeed, it is impressive that both projects are trending on CoinMarketCap after launching so recently. However, the new ICO crypto Dogecoin20 is also gathering tremendous momentum as it trends in heavyweight media outlets.

Stake-to-Earn ICO Dogecoin20 Fares Hot Topic in Crypto Media

The Dogecoin20 presale launched recently and raised a staggering $10 million in just over one week.

While this reflects an unwavering market appetite, its success was enhanced by first-in-class media outlets also rallying behind it.

Despite being not two-weeks-old, it already boasts features in Cointelegraph, Business Insider, Bezinger, CryptoSlate, and many more.

Unlike Book of Meme 2.0 and Bonk 2.0, Dogecoin20 has no airdrop. However, this makes its success even more notable, with its rise to notoriety powered by raw memetic prowess.

The project’s central premise is building where Dogecoin left off, presenting a sophisticated alternative better suited to current market dynamics.

Its flagship feature is a Stake-to-Earn mechanism, enabling investors to compound their investment while securing and stabilizing the network. The current staking APY is 81%, but this will decrease as more tokens are staked.

Another improvement that Dogecoin20 ushers in is a capped supply of 140 billion tokens. This opposes Dogecoin’s infinite supply, helping stave off inflation and price dilution.

The project also boasts other advantages, like launching on the Ethereum chain, which makes it more eco-friendly and widely accessible than the original Dogecoin.

However, those looking to get in on the action should act fast. The project will launch on exchanges on Doge Day (4/20), and given its unwavering hype, this may be the last opportunity to buy at the presale price.

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