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Multi-Chain Token Base Dawgz Raises $350K in First Two Days of Presale – Next Meme Coin to Pump?

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Talk about making a quick impact.

Base Dawgz (DAWGZ), a new multi-chain meme coin, has raised an incredible $350,000 in the first two days of its presale.

With that kind of momentum from the start, could DAWGZ be the next meme coin to take the market by storm?

Base Dawgz – The Multi-Chain Meme Coin Built for Long-Term Success

Base Dawgz is already making its mark on the meme coin space, but it’s aiming to be more than just a fad.

Unlike most meme coins based on jokes, Base Dawgz is built on Coinbase’s Base blockchain – the popular Layer-2 scaling solution.

However, what makes DAWGZ so exciting is its multi-chain capabilities.

While still embracing the popular “Doge” meme, the token will also be interoperable across leading Layer-1 networks like Ethereum, Solana, BNB Chain, and Avalanche.

Protocols like Wormhole and Portal Bridge will make this possible.

And as a result, DAWGZ will have the freedom to exist across multiple blockchain ecosystems.

The perks of this multi-chain approach are endless.

For starters, it helps Base Dawgz avoid the risks of being tied to a single chain’s performance.

Plus, it also enables greater liquidity across multiple markets.

Base Dawgz’s multi-chain nature could even give it an advantage over its meme coin rivals that lack such flexibility.

It’s a unique selling point that sets the coin apart and positions it for long-term growth.

No wonder the DAWGZ presale has already raised over $350,000 in early investment.

New Share-to-Earn Model Drives Engagement for DAWGZ

Base Dawgz’s presale is also drawing attention because of its clever Share-to-Earn model.

Rather than just a straightforward investment round, the presale is getting the crypto community involved more deeply.

Here’s how it works: Investors create and share memes, videos, or other social media content promoting Base Dawgz.

The more buzz a post generates, the more points it will earn, which are redeemable for DAWGZ tokens after the sale.

It’s a smart way to drum up hype while rewarding community engagement.

And that approach seems to be working.

Base Dawgz is gaining traction on crypto Twitter, with the project’s official account closing in on 1,000 followers in just 48 hours.

DAWGZ was also mentioned in a tweet from popular crypto influencer plux, who has over 128,000 followers.

plux said that DAWGZ is “obliterating” the boundaries set by meme coins – urging his following to “take the leap” and invest in the presale.

Base Dawgz was even listed on

The experts on that site described it as “the most exciting multi-chain meme coin for adventurous investors” – high praise from a leading crypto rating platform.

Base Dawgz’s Ecosystem Built Out with Staking, Solid Tokenomics, & Full Roadmap

Beyond its presale success and cross-chain capabilities, Base Dawgz is packing other exciting features into its ecosystem.

For starters, the DAWGZ staking protocol allows investors to lock up their tokens and earn yields.

Staking is currently limited to the Ethereum network.

But the team has set aside 20% of the total DAWGZ supply to make sure there are plenty of rewards to go around.  

And that’s not all – the roadmap is filled with exciting plans for the future.

These include CoinMarketCap/CoinGecko listings, CEX launches, marketing campaigns, and even more community rewards.

However, perhaps most crucially, Base Dawgz has a solid tokenomics structure.

A massive 20% of the total supply is reserved for presale buyers, giving the community a significant stake in Base Dawgz’s success.

Plus, there’s no team allocation or vesting period to worry about.

Base Dawgz’s developers are clearly learning from the missteps of other meme coin launches and are taking steps to ensure a fair (and sustainable) ecosystem.

So, it’s no surprise that DAWGZ is attracting so much early attention.

It remains to be seen whether this attention can translate to post-listing success, but with a cool concept, strong tokenomics, and a community-first approach, Base Dawgz has a fighting chance.

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