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New Bitcoin King: Is BlackRock About To Become The World’s Biggest $BTC Holder?; $GFOX Could See 100x Rise Post-Listing

Press Releases

Top industry analyst Eric Balchunas believes Blackrock’s current $BTC acquisition rate will propel it to the head of the pack soon, outpacing the famed Michael Saylor and MicroStrategy. The investment giant is on hand to overtake Microstrategy, the biggest $BTC holder, as early as next month. Meanwhile, Galaxy Fox presale continues its impressive run. The overwhelming adoption of the meme coin fuels the belief that it could see a 100x rise after its presale phase. This makes GFOX a good crypto to buy. 

Galaxy Fox Billed For Impressive Post-presale Surge 

Any crypto project that aims to thrive in the crypto space must have a unique approach. Galaxy Fox developers implement this standard principle, positioning Galaxy Fox for success. The new cryptocurrency comes with a hybrid and deflationary nature. It combines P2E and meme features while leveraging rarity to improve value. 

With the GameFi sector billed for large growth this year, Galaxy Fox’s P2E feature is expected to contribute immensely to its boom. The ecosystem features a runner game that follows the conventional play-to-earn mechanism. This implies that top players in the game get financial incentives. 

The crypto project has a treasury allocated to fund these incentives/rewards. It also has a marketplace for trading digital items to boost players’ performance. Part of the revenue generated from this marketplace also goes to replenishing the game’s prize pool. $GFOX, the ecosystem’s native currency, will facilitate trading in this marketplace, as well as rewards for playing games. The token’s P2E feature makes it likely to thrive, as many P2E tokens are billed to improve this year. 

Beyond that, the token’s meme element will equally contribute to its growth, with the spotlight gradually returning to the meme ecosystem. All these make $GFOX likely to see a 100× rise soon. The budding presale tokens have features that some existing tokens lack, especially in the meme and GameFi space. This makes $GFOX capable of rivaling existing cryptos like $SAND, $DOGE, $AXS, and $FLOKI. 

Top market players are optimistic about the meme coin’s outlook, with many expressing that optimism via presale adoption. Analysts have lauded this as an intelligent move, as they believe $GFOX presale is its best entry point. The meme coin’s presale is nearing stage 8, and its selling price will increase. Hence, potential investors looking to benefit from it must act fast. 

BlackRock to Overtake Microstrategy As Biggest $BTC Holder

BlackRock recently launched its Bitcoin ETF, stacking over 11K $BTC within two days. Market analysts believe it’s a sign that big powers in the traditional finance sector are stepping into the crypto space. BlackRock is leading this game-changing move, and the topmost cryptocurrency, $BTC, is at the center of it all. The financial giant’s stride hasn’t gone unnoticed, and industry experts believe its rate of $BTC adoption could see it become the biggest holder soon. 

Presently, Microstrategy holds the position of the world’s biggest $BTC holder, with about 189,150 $BTC in their possession. However, BlackRock is gradually making moves to topple the giant in the Bitcoin world. The investment top gun’s Spot Bitcoin ETF launch on NASDAQ is expected to contribute immensely to its bid to topple Microstrategy. 

Market Analyst, Erik Balchunas, shares similar thoughts. He believes BlackRock will inevitably clinch the top spot of the highest $BTC holders. However, the analyst is unsure of how fast this would happen. BlackRock’s ETF debut was impressive, with about $500 million worth of $BTCs acquired within two days. 

The investment giant CEO, Larry Fink, shared his view on BlackRock’s ETF launch. He believes it shows the increasing acceptance of the decentralized and transformative nature of cryptocurrencies in the traditional finance ecosystem. A new era signified by collaboration between traditional finance giants and the digital frontier is on hand, and BlackRock is leading it. 


The approval of the $BTF ETF is fueling many changes in the financial landscape. While the main effects of this landmark decision are yet to materialize, recent happenings give insight into what to expect. BlackRock overtaking Microstrategy isn’t likely to have much impact on $BTC market price. The anticipated $GFOX listing is an event with even more financial upside, as early investors will see mind-melting rewards of 100x or more. 

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