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New Cryptocurrency That Can Grow Like Dogecoin (DOGE) Did at Launch

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Dogecoin, the only meme coin that experienced growth of up to 15,000% price increase in 2021, is losing its power. Investors are on the lookout for a new cryptocurrency that can grow as much as Dogecoin (DOGE) did after launch. 

From the start, DOGE was a very risky asset to count on in an already volatile crypto market. This is because the fundamentals backing DOGE, memes, tweets, and celebrity endorsements, are weak making it much less secure. Additionally, the DOGE token’s unlimited supply reduces its demand compared to deflationary coins. 

Dogecoin put meme coins on the map, but in 2024 investors can achieve similar ROIs with new innovative cryptocurrencies that are deflationary and have the best utility. Pandoshi (PAMBO) best fits this description.

PAMBO Tokens Designed to Drive Demand

Pandoshi is a relatively new DeFi project turning heads in the crypto space. PAMBO, the Pandoshi native token, is deflationary. Pandoshi applies a buyback and burn mechanism that will ensure the token stays scarce; maintaining demand. The total number of PAMBO tokens that will ever exist is 2 billion. Upon launch, 50% of the tokens were allocated to the presale, 20% was allocated to bonuses and rewards and 30% was allocated to liquidity in both Centralized exchanges (CEX) and the platform’s decentralized exchange (DEX). 

The buyback and burn of PAMBO tokens is set to continue until 80% of the supply is removed from circulation. Scarcity always drives demand, which drives price increases. 

Currently, PAMBO is in its fifth and final phase of presale, priced at $0.01. The token is making headlines as the best cryptocurrency priced in cents with high growth potential. 

With a positive response, investors are pouring over $400,000 in funds into the project daily. Plans are underway to have PAMBO listed on all major crypto exchanges as soon as the presale is concluded; probably in less than a week. 

Early investors still have a chance of seeing immense returns on PAMBO by investing now before the price skyrockets. 

PAMBO A Viable Asset For Explosive Growth

Pandoshi steps in as a rival blending real functionality with the kind of appeal Dogecoin offered. The demand for PAMBO will continue increasing as a result of Pandoshi’s practical use cases and token utility. Here is why Pandoshi (PAMBO) is set to explode:

  • Strong Community backing
  • Utility beyond the crypto space
  • Clear development and marketing strategy
  • Next-gen innovation for DeFi

From mainstream accessibility to high interoperability, Pandoshi addresses key areas holding back crypto adoption; inspiring a lot of confidence from industry experts.

Furthermore, Pandoshi has great initiatives for its early supporters, including NFT distributions. Also, Pandoshi has an organized giveaway where participants win a share of $100,000 worth of PAMBO tokens. Investors who are buying PAMBO tokens now have a chance of gaining more than they pay for.

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