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New Meme Coin Smog Hits $150M Ahead of Tier 1 Exchange Listings

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Solana-based meme coin Smog is thriving. It has hit a $150 million market cap, and traders are looking ahead to imminent tier-one exchange listings.

The project launched in February and got off to a fiery start, pumping over 4,700% in its opening days and currently up 251% in the last week.

However, with room for almost a 20x to catch Solana’s second largest meme coin, Dogwifhat, investors are rallying behind Smog with hopes it takes flight.

Tier 1 Exchange Listing Imminent 

Enter the dragon’s lair with the enchanting Smog token. As a multi-chain dragon-themed meme coin, Smog spreads its wings over the two most prominent meme coin markets: Solana and Ethereum.

And with ubiquitous excitement across both chains, Smog is primed for tier-one exchange listings this week.

Two of Solana’s hottest meme coins, Dogwifhat and Myro, have received massive interest from leading tier one exchanges, and both tokens have secured Binance listings recently. 

Myro has also been picked up by other top exchanges like Woo X, HTX, and more. 

Both cryptos have exploded as a result of the exchange backings.

Furthermore, Solana’s leading meme coin, Bonk, secured a Coinbase listing recently, something its Ethereum counterpart, Pepe, has not.

Looking ahead, Smog is faring a force to be reckoned currently one of Solana’s top-performing meme coins. With its market cap swiftly catching up to Myro’s, it’s just a matter of time before tier-one exchanges release the dragon.

The Greatest Airdrop of All Time Attracts 50K Holders

Fostering one of the market’s strongest communities, Smog is running the “greatest airdrop of all time.” 

With 35% of its total supply allocated to the giveaway, eligible players are poised for tremendous gains.

Simply buying and holding Smog is enough to enter the airdrop, but determined market participants can increase their odds of success by completing tasks outlined on the project’s Zealy page.

These tasks strive to expand the Smog community, spreading the word and growing token demand.

According to Smog’s latest data, the Smog airdrop campaign has been a massive success so far, with over 34K X followers, 16K Discord members, and a whopping 50K holders.

Solana Meme Coins Are On Fire!

Solana’s low fees and seamless wallet experience have rendered it a hotbed for meme coin innovation. 

Consequently, Solana-based projects are exploding. However, with the top 3 Solana meme projects (BONK, WIF, and MYRO) already listed on tier-one exchanges, the next project that could soar is Smog.

As per its website, “Smog reigns over the crypto battlefield, incinerating all his foes.” 

In addition to being the top Solana meme coin yet to receive tier-one exchange listings, another distinct advantage is Smog’s keen focus on community rewards.

Smog Staking and Tokenomics

Smog’s staking mechanism offers a 42% APY, incentivizing long-term holders while adding a potential token demand stream.

According to its website, 50% of the supply is allocated to marketing. This ensures Smog’s long-term growth and may include efforts like securing CEX listings or influencer partnerships.

As mentioned, 35% of the supply is allocated to the airdrop, 10% to CEX liquidity, and 5% to DEX liquidity.

Those who buy Smog today can also enjoy a 10% discount if they buy via the project’s website. However, this offer is set to end soon, so those looking to maximize their investment should act quickly.

So don’t miss Smog before its tier-one exchange listings. Follow the project’s X account or join its Telegram to stay updated on its latest developments. Alternatively, visit the Smog website to buy and stake Smog.

Visit Smog Website


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