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New Meme Coin WienerAI Raises $5M in Presale – Does it Have 10x Potential?

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The WienerAI ($WAI) presale is faring in high demand as its total raise smashes the $5 million mark.

Blending the virality meme coins and the utility of AI, WienerAI has struck a chord with degen traders and conservative investors alike.

Its presale is ongoing, allowing market participants to buy at a discounted rate of $0.000716. 

However, this price will increase throughout the campaign, so potential buyers should act fast.

The next uptick will occur in 22 hours or when the total raise hits $5.2 million.

WienerAI has a near-$100 billion addressable market

The meme coin and AI markets have a combined $92 billion market cap, and WienerAI is one of the few cryptos that taps into both.

While its sausage dog exterior reflects the meme coin sector’s playful temperament, this is just a small part of WienerAI’s allure.

The project is also developing a market-leading AI trading bot to tackle crypto’s most pressing issues.

Users can ask the bot questions and its predictive technology will scour the market for the best trading opportunities.

For example, you could ask the bot to find a low-market-cap project in a trending narrative.

It would then crunch data and return with the most fitting results – saving traders hours of research.

In addition, the project is also addressing the perplexing issue of on-chain trading.

Anyone who has bought cryptocurrencies on decentralized exchanges understands the user experience leaves much room for improvement.

Getting front-run by MEV bots, long wait times, and failed transactions are all everyday occurrences.

However, WienerAI offers instant, MEV-resistant, fee-free, and noob-friendly trade execution,  a huge leap forward from what is currently available.

This seamless trade execution and AI utility make WienerAI one of crypto’s most promising new projects.

Meanwhile, its meme coin facade is a market-facing crowd-pleaser that helps bolster adoption.

The next bullish rally is looming for AI coins, which is great for $WAI

In recent months, there has been no stopping meme coins, with newcomers continuing to take the market by storm.

Brett has surged over 300% this month, while Dog (Runes) has garnered a $700 million market cap in its opening six weeks. For perspective, Bitcoin took over four years to reach an equivalent valuation.

AI cryptos have also had their share of success this year, with Bittensor and up over 6x.

However, the AI sector has consolidated over the past three months, but industry commentators anticipate this trend will end shortly.

Should AI coins begin to uptrend as expected, combined with the continued advancement of meme coins, a favorable launch environment is at play for WienerAI once its presale ends.

Prominent analysts bullish on WienerAI and tip for 10x returns 

With the WienerAI presale surpassing the $5 million total raised mark, the project is faring as one of crypto’s hottest launches.

As such, prominent industry analysts are taking note.

In a recent video on YouTube, the CryptoNews channel speculated that WienerAI could 10x after it launches on exchanges.

Similarly, ClayBro and Meme Coin Max have backed the project for 10x returns.

While this reflects the project’s exciting meme coin-AI use case, it’s not the only thing causing a buzz.

200% staking APY and robust tokenomics extend WienerAI’s long-term outlook

In recent years, staking has become a popular way for projects to improve their supply and demand dynamics.

However, WienerAI’s staking mechanism stands out thanks to its outsized rewards.

Prominent staking coins like Solana and Ethereum provide staking APYs of up to 8% and 7%, respectively.

Yet, WienerAI stakers can garner far more attractive returns, currently valued at a 216% APY.

But those looking to notch these high rewards must be fast. 

$WAI staking operates under a variable APY based on the staking pool size. This means the rewards will fall as more tokens are staked.

As WienerAI’s excitement builds, the opportunity to get in at a low price and maximize staking rewards diminishes.

So don’t be late to the WienerAI presale. Follow the project on X or join its Telegram for the latest updates. Alternatively, visit its website to buy and stake tokens.

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