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New Solana Meme Coin Hump (HUMP) Rockets to Top Trending Spot Hours After Launch

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HUMP, an upcoming meme coin built on the Solana blockchain, has garnered significant attention in the crypto market. This surge in interest follows its predictions of a potential 5,000% price increase upon its debut.HUMP arrival has been met with enthusiasm from traders, who have planned to purchase the new token when it’s launched. This strong reception adds to the growing popularity of meme coins on the Solana network, joining established projects like BONK (boasting a market cap exceeding $2 billion) and WIF (with a market cap surpassing $3 billion).

HUMP Coin’s Price is Predicted to Surge by 5000% Upon Launch

HUMP’s price is expected to surge by more than 5000% at the time of writing. This is just the beginning, and there is a possibility it could rise even higher upon its launch later.This projection is rooted in the innovative concept offered within its ecosystem, distinguishing this project from other meme coins, especially in the Solana market.Furthermore, the impending Bitcoin halving event is poised to shift market sentiment, further adding to the anticipation surrounding HUMP’s debut.

What is HUMP?

HUMP emerges as a transformative project, leveraging innovative token mechanisms to facilitate frictionless, equitable transactions, paving the way for a fully decentralized financial structure.Unlike its memecoin counterparts that lack a defined purpose, HUMP prioritizes versatility and extensive scalability.Their team meticulously created the platform with long-term scalability in mind, ensuring its viability extends beyond a fleeting trend. From decentralized finance applications to tangible real-world utilities, HUMP positions itself to make significant inroads within the broader financial ecosystem, establishing itself as one of the best SOL meme coin.

What Sets HUMP Apart From The Other Meme Coin?

There are several unique aspects that differentiate HUMP from other Solana meme coins.

Zero Transaction Fees

HUMP sets itself apart with its revolutionary approach to transactions, offering fee-free trading to its users. Unlike many other projects with hidden charges and transaction fees, HUMP provides a seamless trading experience where users can engage in transactions without worrying about additional costs.

Solid Community

HUMP represents more than just a digital asset; it symbolizes a vibrant and engaged community. This community is not merely passive holders of the token but active participants dedicated to reshaping the landscape of decentralized finance (DeFi) and promoting financial inclusivity.

Innovative Concept 

This top SOL meme coin dedication to innovation is reflected in its concept. Through its strategic planning and forward-thinking approach, HUMP teases forthcoming features and DeFi integrations that set it apart from traditional meme-driven projects.Rather than simply following trends or relying on gimmicks, HUMP aims to pioneer new technologies and methodologies within the decentralized finance (DeFi) market.

Fair Launch

HUMP commitment to fairness serves as a cornerstone of its identity, distinguishing it from other projects in the market. By prioritizing fairness, their team will ensure that all participants will have an equal opportunity to engage with the platform from the very beginning.

Will HUMP surpass BONK and WITF?

While Bonk and Dogwifhat have solidified their positions as the best SOL meme coin, the growth potential of HUMP presents a formidable challenge to their dominance. The substantial following of over 7,000 followers on X and 6,000 members on Telegram indicates significant potential for HUMP to outshine both of them and become one of the top SOL meme coins in the future.

How To Buy HUMP?

HUMP has a total supply of approximately 6,900,000,000 tokens and operates on the Solana network, here is the contract address.


Buying HUMP is simple and relatively straightforward. Here are the steps:

  1. Create Wallet: Download the Phantom app or any preferred wallet from the app store or Google Play Store for free. For desktop users, obtain the Google Chrome extension by visiting
  2. Go to Raydium or Jupiter: Visit or Jupiter by going to using Google Chrome or the browser within Phantom. 
  3. Connect your wallet to the platform: Paste the HUMP token address into Raydium or Jupiter and confirm the swap. When prompted by Phantom for a wallet signature, sign your transaction.
  4. Switch SOL for HUMP: Exchange SOL for HUMP. They charge zero taxes, so user don’t need to worry about purchasing with a specific slippage, although you may need to adjust slippage during times of market volatility.

HUMP presents a great opportunity to join an exciting meme coin on Solana during its early upward trend. With strong potential for virality and substantial support from notable investors, this project seems set for significant success in the future.

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