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New VR Coin 5thScape Nears $2.5 Million in Presale – Next Crypto to Explode?

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The crypto world is buzzing about a new virtual reality project called 5thScape (5SCAPE) that has raised close to $2.5 million in its presale phase.

As investors hunt for the next big thing in crypto, many are watching 5thScape closely as a potentially explosive buying opportunity.

5thScape Metaverse Merges VR Gaming & Crypto Elements

5thScape is building out a whole ecosystem around VR gaming and experiences.

Its lineup includes sports games like Epic Cricket Arena and Immersive Kickoff that will let users step onto the field at iconic stadiums.

For the adrenaline junkies, there are also racing simulators like Thrust Hunter and combat titles like Cage Conquest.

But 5thScape isn’t just focused on the games.

They’re also developing a cutting-edge VR headset called the VR Ultra, which promises top-notch visuals and motion tracking.

To take the experience even further, 5thScape is crafting fully integrated VR gaming chairs designed for maximum comfort during extended sessions.

5thScape’s native 5SCAPE token powers all this gaming goodness.

Buyers during the presale will not only receive discounted tokens, but they will also unlock free lifetime access to the entire 5thScape content library.

Token holders can even stake their 5SCAPE to earn passive rewards over time.

Looking ahead, 5thScape’s whitepaper outlines plans to build a decentralized marketplace where creators can sell custom games, experiences, and more.

This whole ecosystem will run on the Ethereum blockchain – giving 5thScape the foundation to tap into the booming world of decentralized gaming.

5SCAPE Presale Passes $2m After Audit & KYC Approval

The buzz around 5thScape’s ecosystem seems well-justified, given the traction their ongoing presale has generated so far.

In just the first few rounds, the 5SCAPE token sale has raised an impressive $2.4 million from investors looking to get in early.

5SCAPE tokens are currently on offer for $0.00215 during the current stage of the presale.

However, prices will continue to rise incrementally in the coming stages, so prospective buyers may wish to get involved soon while the entry point remains low.

Importantly, 5thScape’s team has already checked some key boxes regarding security and credibility.

The project’s smart contracts have been fully audited by the blockchain specialists at Coinsult, lending confidence that 5thScape’s tokenomics are sound.

5thScape has also obtained a KYC (Know Your Customer) certificate from SolidProof to validate the legitimacy of its core team.

Measures like these help ensure the integrity of new projects in an industry where scams and rug pulls are still commonplace.

Huge Presale Allocation & Experienced CEO Set Stage for 5thScape’s Growth

Even as 5thScape’s presale ramps up, plenty of other factors suggest this project could have major explosive potential if it can live up to its ambitions.

For starters, 80% of 5SCAPE’s total token supply is being allocated to presale participants.

This is a prime example of a “fair launch” that favors early community investors over VCs and insiders.

5thScape is also wasting no time making its presence felt on the global crypto stage.

The team is scheduled to attend and showcase at the Hit Games Conference in Istanbul in mid-April.

This prestigious gaming event provides a prime opportunity to demo 5thScape’s innovations in front of industry heavyweights.

Importantly, 5thScape also has seasoned leadership at the helm.

CEO Anoj Kumar has spent years pioneering VR software development before founding 5thScape – and his industry expertise could give the project a strategic edge.

With Kumar’s guidance, plus a growing war chest from the presale, 5thScape seems to be ticking all the right boxes to potentially disrupt the VR gaming space.

If the team can successfully execute its product roadmap, the upside could be lucrative for those who get in on the ground floor.

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