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New VR Crypto Coin 5th Scape Raises $2 Million In Presale, Could It Deliver 100x Returns?

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The cryptocurrency market is in a bull run and new crypto coins are in high demand, especially if they also feature trendy concepts such as artificial intelligence, blockchain gaming or innovative on-chain staking.

In the same vein, a new blockchain-based virtual reality project – 5th Scape – has caught the eye of smart-money traders, many of whom are backing it to offer excellent returns during this bull run. 

The strong demand for the project is evident in its ICO. Its native cryptocurrency – 5SCAPE – has raised over $2 million in its presale in just over a month. 

5th Scape – Hyper-Realistic VR Gaming World

Experts are backing gaming coins and play-to-earn tokens to be amongst the best-performing cryptocurrencies during the 2024 crypto bull run. 

5th Scape aims to be one of the leading brands in the Web3 gaming sector through its hyper-realistic, virtual reality-based gaming experience. The project defines its vision as “shaping the future of gaming” – it aims to redefine the gaming experience through its thrilling games, an integrated, cutting-edge VR headset as well as a next-gen SwiftScape VR Chair. 

5th Scape already has several VR gaming projects in the works, such as Cage Conquest, Thrust Hunter, Immersive Kickoff, Archery Master and Epic Cricket Arena. The first looks from these projects have drawn appreciation from several gamers. In particular, Cage Conquest – a VR-based dynamic combat game – has led to much hype. 

Interested games can head to the 5th Scape project website and join the waitlist for the aforementioned games. 

Virtual Reality gaming is already a $20.7 billion industry and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 22.7%. If 5th Scape is able to materialize its vision, it could benefit significantly from the upcoming boom. This will also give a strong boost to the value of the 5Scape token. 

Creating A New VR Ecosystem – Powered By The 5SCAPE Cryptocurrency

5th Scape is not just a gaming platform. Rather, it is creating a new virtual reality ecosystem that also offers VR movies, educational content and gadgets. 

As previously mentioned, the VR Ultra Headset will be an integral component of the 5th Scape ecosystem, through its immersive visuals, excellent ergonomics and precise motion tracking. Similarly, the SwiftScape VR chair is a must-have for an immersive experience. It is also easy to integrate into existing VR systems. 

The entire project will be powered by its native cryptocurrency – 5SCAPE. This new Ethereum-based crypto coin offers several advantages to token holders, including free basic access to all 5th Scape games, educational content and movies. They will also receive additional discounts on various products and services in the ecosystem. 

$5SCAPE tokens also simplify in-app purchases, improving the overall experience. 

All You Need To Know Before Buying 5SCAPE – Staking, Tokenomics, Audit

The 5th Scape project has adopted an innovative twist to its on-chain staking program. 

Rather than only offering monetary rewards, 5SCAPE staking also offers lifetime free access to new VR content and exclusive in-game advantages.

Additionally, 5SCAPE has community-centric tokenomics, with 80% of the tokens available in the presale itself. 10% of the tokens have been reserved for the project’s Treasury & Development while the remaining 10% will provide liquidity on DEXs and CEXs. 

The project has also taken several steps to provide secure investment opportunities for crypto traders. The 5SCAPE token smart contract has been audited by Coinsult and the audit report is available on the project website. Similarly, Solid Proof has completed the KYC of the project and the report has been made publicly available. 

More importantly, 5th Scape has a fully-doxxed team – the identity of all developers, including its founder Anoj Kumar – has been fully revealed. New crypto coins with anonymous developers carry a high risk of scams or rug pulls since the investors cannot hold the team accountable. 

Could 5th Scape Offer 100x Returns?

In a recent video, popular crypto trader Michael Wrubel, who has over 311k subscribers, revealed that he is bullish on the 5th Scape project. 

He is also not the only one. YouTuber Decrypt Crypto believes that the new crypto coin can deliver up to 100x returns, considering the strong demand for gaming tokens as well as the VR gaming industry. 

However, investors looking to maximize their investments have no time to lose. As such, while the 5th Scape presale has already raised $2 million, it will list on exchanges at a market cap of $15 million – consequently, investors buying the 5SCAPE token can see 7.5x returns in the ICO itself. 

They can head to the project website and use the over-the-counter widget to purchase the token, either through a bank card or by swapping ETH, BNB, MATIC or USDT tokens. 

Investors can also read the project whitepaper and follow 5th Scape on X, Discord, Telegram and YouTube to get the latest updates and learn about various reward programs. 

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