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NuggetRush Investors Accumulate More NUGX Tokens On Presale As It Sells Cheaper Than SUI And Immutable X (IMX)

NuggetRush Investors Accumulate More NUGX Tokens On Presale As It Sells Cheaper Than SUI And Immutable X (IMX)
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  • Sui’s partnership with Athex could help overturn its recent stagnation.
  • Immutable X (IMX) has rallied amid plans for a major network upgrade.
  • NuggetRush’s (NUGX) presale prepares to complete a 100% presale value increase as it enters the launchpad round.

Sui has slowed despite the widespread bullish sentiments that engulfed the crypto market. Immutable X (IMX) has also risen amid talks of upgrading to be on par with Ethereum’s upgrades.

NuggetRush (NUGX) is generating as much market attention as many top altcoins as its presale, which has sold 213 million tokens. The project’s mining game is attracting keen play-to-earn lovers. Yet, can NUGX’s momentum make it one of the top ICO projects? Read on for more.

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NuggetRush Combines a Dynamic Gaming Environment with High Potential For Wealth

Many play-to-earn networks would like to recreate the successes of NuggetRush (NUGX). Many analysts agree that few projects get to sell over 213 million tokens by the launchpad round of their presale.

NuggetRush (NUGX) is a mining game whose presale numbers show the widespread support it has garnered in the gaming community. It features various challenges that revolve around building a mining enterprise.

Gamers start small with a few workers and a miniature piece of land. Yet, NuggetRush (NUGX) offers enough resources to help you expand your business operations as you go along. You can purchase anything from mineral-rich lands to workers and equipment. Furthermore, special NFT characters bring a wealth of experience that helps increase the efficiency of your mining operations.

NuggetRush’s (NUGX) presale is in its eleventh hour. It just entered a launch pad round, trading at $0.019, after a 90% increase since its presale kicked off. NUGX will soon jump to $0.020 to complete a 100% pump in its presale. Furthermore, analysts expect NUGX’s value to soar after its launch due to the activities of HODL investors.

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Sui Loses Momentum in Early March

The crypto market is currently in a bull run. So, it is no surprise that investors are shocked by Sui’s decline in early March. Sui, like other altcoins, soared in February as the market entered a bull run. However, Sui’s bullish momentum has waned despite excitement around a new partnership on the network.

SUI traded at $1.5192 on January 31. Two weeks later, SUI soared by 25.5% to $1.9076 on February 14. It dropped by 9.8% to $1.7197 on February 22. However, SUI continued its bearish drop, falling by 18.7% to $1.3971 on March 5.

Sui’s community is excited about the coming of Athex Exchange to its network. On March 6, the Greek stock exchange announced it would build a distributed ledger platform using Sui. Analysts say the move indicates Sui’s growing popularity in the finance industry. Furthermore, they expect SUI’s price to jump by 42.4% to $1.9901.

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Immutable X Reaches the $3 Range

Immutable X (IMX) rallied in February in line with the market wide bullish sentiments that filled the digital asset industry. Like other top crypto coins, Immutable X endured a slow performance in January as investors reduced their trading activity. However, Immutable X’s growth in February has been sharp, indicating the strength of the current bull run.

As of January 31, IMX traded at $1.9336. It jumped by 43.8% to $2.7807 on February 10. Two weeks later, IMX jumped by 15.0% to $3.2001 on February 25. However, it fell slightly by 1.9% to $3.1385 on March 4.

Experts say Immutable X (IMX) could rise due to excitement around the upcoming Ethereum Shanghai’s upgrades. Immutable X (IMX) has announced plans to keep its zkEVM as close to Ethereum as possible. 

Analysts say the Shanghai upgrades would make Immutable X (IMX) one of the most popular gaming networks. This could push IMX’s value up by 9.9% to $3.4499.

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