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Ocean Protocol Fades into Background While AI Altcoin Presale Erupts Alongside Filecoin Surge

Ocean Protocol Fades into Background While AI Altcoin Presale Erupts Alongside Filecoin Surge
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Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) has been one of the top-performing altcoins in the past month, as its price has increased by over 154%. However, some analysts are calling its price surge a pump and dump as its rate of growth has slowed down in the past week. 

Ocean Protocol’s ecosystem allows users to monetize and purchase data. While we’re on the subject of data solutions, Filecoin’s (FIL) price has grown by over 105% in the past month after announcing its decentralized cloud storage solution will be used to free up congestion on the Solana (SOL) network. Filecoin providing data storage solutions for developers of artificial intelligence (AI) models has also helped to push its prices upward. 

InQubeta (QUBE) is also gaining momentum as its presale raises over $11.5 million. The emerging crypto plans to help free up the flow of capital into the AI industry by providing its users with easy access to investment opportunities. It’s a strong contrast to mainstream investment avenues and their long list of requirements that prevent many people from using their services. 

InQubeta was one of the most promising new DeFi projects launched ever since its intention to democratize access to AI investments was announced. Its presale has exceeded its initial funding goal of $10 million and it’s on course to surpass the $18.3 million its parent blockchain, the Ethereum (ETH) network, raised during its initial coin offering. 

Given how successful the InQubeta presale has been, QUBE is expected to be worth a lot more than its current price of $0.0245 in the next few years, with some projections expecting it to reach as high as $5. QUBE has enough growth potential to be worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the next decade given its 1.5 billion token cap and the fact its ICO has been as successful as the ICOs of some of the most popular cryptocurrencies around. 

InQubeta is also ideally positioned to help bring AI startups and investors together as more than $1.5 trillion enters the AI space in the next several years. 

A new way to invest in AI

Investors don’t have to worry about income or net worth requirements on the InQubeta network. AI startups that are eligible to use the ecosystem mint non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that symbolize reward or equity-based investment opportunities. 

These tokens are showcased on the ERC20 token list on the marketplace. They can be purchased with QUBE, earning investors equity and other rewards. Investors can resell tokens whenever they choose to on the NFT marketplace as their value grows. 

Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) set for more growth

Ocean Protocol has grown considerably in the past month but its growth rate has slowed down some in the past week. It’s the first cryptocurrency that makes it easy for users to buy or sell data. Market metrics like its 10-day exponential moving average indicate more growth will likely continue in the coming weeks. 

Filecoin (FIL) pushing decentralized storage solutions forward

Filecoin’s recent growth after partnering with Solana highlights the important role decentralized storage solutions could play in the future. Its growing user base should continue pushing prices upward for the rest of the year, especially if BTC prices keep setting new highs. 


OCEAN, FIL, and QUBE are three of the best coins to invest in right now given their growth potential for 2024. InQubeta’s growth potential is comparable to top crypto coins like Ethereum and some analysts expect to see as much as 10,000% growth once tokens are unleashed on exchanges. 

The influx of capital into AI and the solution InQubeta’s investment space provides positions it for massive growth in the next several years. 

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