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Oraichain teams up with hacker movement DoraHacks to support next generation of AI

Oraichain teams up with hacker movement DoraHacks to support next generation of AI

DoraHacks and the AI-powered oracle and ecosystem for blockchains Oraichain have formed a partnership in order to accelerate the adoption of the latter’s Layer 1 ecosystem for artificial intelligence (AI) and data economy.

In the next weeks and months, the two groups will collaborate on a variety of projects to promote the next generation of AI and blockchain technologies. These projects will include AI-enhanced decentralized applications (dApps), AI Oracles, and essential infrastructure, according to information shared with Finbold on March 16.

DoraHacks is one of the world’s largest and most dynamic multi-chain Web3 developer incentive platforms, with almost $30 million awarded to more than 3,000 ideas developed in the DoraHacks community via grants and hackathon awards.

Upwards of 250,000 people use DoraHacks every month because of the platform’s hackathons, bounties, quadratic financing, privacy voting, and other useful community governance/funding toolkits.

Utilizing DoraHacks developer community

Having partnered with DoraHacks, Oraichain is now one of the eighty or so major Web3 ecosystems employing Dora infrastructures to effectively finance their open-source communities and recruit talent.

The primary purpose of this partnership is to promote Oraichain’s ecosystem, tech stack, and toolkits to a larger audience by using DoraHacks’ developer community and platform traffic, hence inviting BUIDLers from all over the globe to create AI and blockchain use cases. DoraHacks will give its knowledge to the planning of hackathon events, seminars, and demo sessions, both online and in-person.

DoraHacks will also join Oraichain Mainnet as a validator, actively contributing to network security and assisting forthcoming hackathons. 

Oraichain’s Layer 1 ecosystem

The Layer 1 of Oraichain, which is IBC-enabled, serves as a full infrastructure for an open data economy by giving data scientists the means to organize data, train, test, and publish models to Oraichain’s AI Oracle, and then monetize them in a way that is both open and fair to all parties involved. 

Finally, by working together, the two groups want to speed up the development of groundbreaking blockchain and AI technologies, such as Oraichain’s AI-powered dApps and the AI Oracle’s services, which are interoperable with smart contracts across several networks.

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