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Orbs to Host TON’s Hackathons in London and Tel Aviv

Orbs to Host TON's Hackathons in London and Tel Aviv

As part of The Open Network’s (TON) first-ever global hackathon, Orbs, a public, open, decentralized blockchain infrastructure, has been chosen to serve as host to special offsite workshop events in both Tel Aviv and London.

Notably, for the global hackathon, the TON Foundation and DoraHacks teamed together to offer Hack-a-TONx, the first-ever worldwide hackathon for TON, with a $250,000 prize pool, according to a press release shared with Finbold.

At the hackathon workshops in Tel Aviv event on February 19–20, and in London on February 25, teams who enter will be given guidance from TON’s experts in hopes of helping them win $250,000. What’s more, at both of the events, Orbs’ technical co-founder Tal Kol and senior software engineer Shahar Yakir will also serve as TON developer experts.

Orbs-TON partnership

Layer-3 applications such TON-Access, TON Minter, and TON Verifier were developed by Orbs as part of the company’s expansion into the TON ecosystem in 2022. TON was Orbs’ first non-EVM L1 chain to test out their cutting-edge L3 technology and the announcement that Orbs would be the official sponsor of two offline events is another important step in the Orbs-TON partnership.

Prototyping innovative blockchain-enabled applications on TON is the goal of this series of hackathons, which brings together Web2 and Web3 developers, technologists, and cypherpunks.

Participants in the hackathon are required to either establish a new model for current projects that they wish to bridge or construct for the TON mainnet. There are several essential pillars of focus, such as decentralized finance (DeFi), decentralized autonomous organization (DAOs), and so on. 

In addition to the $250,000 prize pool, the top teams will be considered for the TONcoin Fund, which has a $250 million fund, as well as security audit subsidies, meetings with venture capitalists and investors, and other incentives.

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