Over 100k DOGE-related pages published online in November, 13x more than SHIB

Over 100k Dogecoin-related pages were published online in November, 13x more than SHIB
10 months ago
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The rise in meme cryptocurrencies’ popularity has to an extent been driven by various online publications focusing on the coins as more investors searched for information amid their skyrocketing value. 

In November, Dogecoin, a leading meme coin, recorded 106,800 published online pages, according to data retrieved by Finbold from Ahrefs.com.

In comparison, DOGE’s number of published pages was at least 13 times more than Shiba Inu, which registered 8,100 publications. SHIB’s value dropped at least 33% in November, while Dogecoin also plunged over 20%. 

Number of DOGE-related published pages. Source: Ahrefs.com
Number of SHIB-related published pages. Source: Ahrefs.com

The publication around the two most popular meme coins emerged when the cryptocurrency market experienced high volatility. Notably, the publications have provided the latest developments around the tokens with investors looking for more information and insights.

Overall, with the coins’ growth, more people were interested in learning about investment opportunities, risks, price predication, alternatives to the coins, and how to invest in cryptocurrencies.

DOGE and SHIB most searched tokens

In this line, the coins were among the most searched tokens on the internet. As previously reported by Finbold Dogecoin and Shiba Inu were the most-searched tokens on Google in 30 U.S. states in 2021.

The most searched cryptocurrencies by state. Source: The Advisor Coach, Business Insider

Worth noting is that the two coins have been on the spot for lacking real-world uses cases, and any related content on developments like potential exchange listing and adoption has proven key to their price surge. Consequently, various publishers have understood the importance of such information to guide readers in making investment decisions. 

Furthermore, although Dogecoin and Shiba Inu appear to have the same share of popularity, the former has registered a high number of published pages, partly attributed to the coin’s longevity in the market. 

The longevity has seen DOGE score more adoption and endorsement from celebrities, including Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Also, DOGE ranks higher than SHIB based on market cap. 

Notably, at some point, DOGE’s position was momentarily threatened in late October after being displaced as the 10th biggest cryptocurrency and highest-ranked meme coin by market cap. The development resulted in euphoria among SHIB fans. 

Additionally, the significant number of published Dogecoin-related pages can potentially be linked to the community around the coin. Dogecoin is considered a large and vibrant community compared to other meme coins in the market.

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