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Pepe Price Pumps 30% After GameStop Trader Return as Sealana Raises $700k

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An infamous trader at the center of GameStop’s 2021 fiasco has resurfaced, sending financial markets into a frenzy.

Pepe is taking the hot seat on the crypto front as it surges 30% this week.

New ATH For Pepe as Analyst Backs It For Further Gains

Pepe is vying for blue chip meme coin status as it surges on Roaring Kitty’s return to public limelight.

The trader went viral in 2021 for kickstarting the GameStop frenzy in which retail traders colluded on Reddit, YouTube, and X (formerly Twitter) in a bid to “short squeeze” TradFi players.

The movement began with GameStop but also benefited other so-called “meme stocks” like AMC, KOSS, and BlackBerry.

It also carried over into the cryptocurrency market, with Dogecoin experiencing 100x gains amid the frenzy.

But on Roaring Kitty’s revival, Pepe is the front-runner in crypto’s memetic showdown, outperforming other top projects by surging 30% this week.

Pepe is currently priced at $0.00001051, up 10% today, 30.5% this week, and 102% this month. It holds a $4.4 billion market cap and a $3 billion 24-hour trading volume, up 202% today.

Prominent analyst Intuitio is overwhelmingly bullish on the project. In a recent tweet, he compared Pepe’s current price action to Solana’s amid the 2021 GameStop frenzy.

The analyst noted that Solana did a 66x following GameStop’s peak, alluding to big potential for the frog-themed meme coin.

Intuitio also analyzed Pepe’s fundamentals, noting that it has yet to be listed on Coinbase and Robinhood and that altcoins remain at a deep discount against Bitcoin.

As such, the trader suspects there remains tremendous upside for Pepe, and nods towards 10x gains.

He also concluded by saying, “the higher it pumps while the market stands still, the more potential it has. Pepe will go down as the most schelling pump, the most obvious play of the entire cycle, dragging all memes with it.”

Other analysts also speculate that Pepe could fuel a widespread meme coin season.

Crypto June wrote, “Is this the beginning of a new meme coin season? PEPE surged to a new all-time high just hours after ‘Roaring Kitty,’ the account linked to GameStop stock trader Keith Gill, made its first post in three years.”

Indeed, the market’s fast-acting response to Roaring Kitty’s return reflects steadfast excitement in the meme coin sector, laying the way for further growth.

While this would inevitably benefit meme coins across the board, the new presale Sealana is already gaining pace and proving one of the hottest prospects.

Is Sealana the Best Meme Coin to Buy Now as Prominent Trader Predicts 10X?

Sealana has raised $700K at presale, and a top analyst forecasts it could 10x after its exchange launch.

Based on a degen seal who swapped his life at sea to pursue meme coin riches, this hilarious South Park-inspired meme coin encapsulates the rags-to-riches allure of meme coin trading.

Sealana’s foul-mouthed antics have caused a stir on social media, with a recent tweet garnering over 28K views.

However, its early success comes as no surprise. The Solana meme coin circuit has become one of crypto’s most lucrative phenomena in recent months. 

Projects like Dogwifhat, Bonk, and Book of Meme have all excelled. More recently, Solana newcomers like Michi and Popcat have risen to prominence.

But fast forward to today, Sealana is gearing for memetic dominance, and analysts are in full support.

Renowned low-cap trader Jacob Bury recently backed Sealana, speculating it could 10x once it launches on exchanges.  

Bury was an early backer of other Solana meme coin sensations like Smog (which did a 100x) and Slothana (which did a 5x), setting a bullish precedent for $SEAL.

However, the Sealana presale has no predetermined hard cap, meaning it could end at any time. Therefore, potential buyers must act quickly or risk missing out.

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