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Polygon May Hit $1.3 with Multiple Supports in Frame, While Quant Challenger Expands Its Influence

Polygon May Hit $1.3 with Multiple Supports in Frame, While Quant Challenger Expands Its Influence
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In the grand circus of the best cryptocurrencies, where giants and newcomers alike dance to the tunes of volatility, Polygon (MATIC) finds itself at a crossroads. Following a commendable rally that saw its price soar, MATIC faced a downturn, sliding to $1.06 amidst a broader market correction. This descent positions MATIC at a confluence of critical support levels, a juncture that could well define its trajectory in the days ahead. As traders and investors hold their breath, the stage is set for a potentially significant rebound, with the cryptocurrency community eyeing the $1.3 mark as the next stop for MATIC’s resurgence. Meanwhile, a Quant challenger is expanding its influence with a top ICO performance.

Polygon’s Precarious Position: Navigating the Downturn

MATIC’s recent price action is a testament to the relentless ebb and flow characteristic of the crypto realm. From a commendable ascent to $1.29, the price succumbed to bearish pressures, finding solace around $1.05. This level is not just a number but represents a sanctuary formed by the rising support trendline and the critical 38.2% Fibonacci retracement level. The confluence of these supports offers a glimmer of hope to MATIC enthusiasts, hinting at a potential reversal from the recent losses.

The story gets even more interesting with thoughts from Ali, a well-known crypto trader. He’s got his eye on the $1.02 to $1.05 range for MATIC, calling it a crucial support zone. Why? Because there’s a big group of holders standing firm right there, showing they really believe in MATIC’s worth at these levels. This kind of solid community backing could act like a shield, stopping any further drops and maybe even kicking off a comeback.

InQubeta: Pioneering the Future with AI and Crypto

In the fast-paced world of market fluctuations, there’s an exciting new ICO making waves – InQubeta. This platform is reshaping the AI and crypto realms with its forward-thinking approach. Imagine a place where the boundless possibilities of AI meet the equalizing force of investors. That’s what InQubeta brings to the table. It’s not just about creating a platform; it’s about building bridges – between daring investors and innovative AI start-ups through the use of QUBE tokens.

The heart of InQubeta is all about bringing people together and fostering creativity. It’s a space where start-ups looking to grow can introduce NFTs, representing a piece of their company. And for investors, these NFTs are like keys to new kingdoms of potential, opening doors to being part of AI ventures on the rise.

The ongoing presale has already raised over $12.1 million, and it is currently in the last phase of the presale. QUBE is still available at a discounted rate before its imminent massive launch. With strong growth potential, it is one of the best new cryptos to buy now.


As we look at the journey of Polygon battling its support levels, it mirrors the resilience and the comeback spirit found across the crypto market. InQubeta’s emergence marks a significant shift towards blending AI with blockchain, setting the stage for a revolutionary way of investing and innovating.

InQubeta isn’t just turning heads; it’s blazing a trail where cutting-edge tech meets teamwork. It’s pulling in both investors and startups, all lured by the dazzling potential of AI mixed with the solid trustworthiness of blockchain. This platform is on the brink of making some serious waves in the tech and finance worlds.

Meanwhile, MATIC’s determined comeback story, along with InQubeta’s climb, really puts a spotlight on the dynamic and optimistic spirit of the crypto and AI scenes. Together, they’re steering us toward a future where tech leaps beyond the usual limits, leading us into new frontiers of growth and discovery.

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