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Quality Tech Makes Quality Profit, Bitcoin Spark Will Supersede Bitcoin

Press Releases

Innovation and technological advancements drive the crypto arena and often pave the way for financial success. As the digital landscape thrives, it’s clear that superior technology can lead to super profits. On the horizon is Bitcoin Spark (BTCS), a potential game-changer in the crypto sphere with the promise of outperforming its predecessor, Bitcoin. BTCS’ new technology hints at a bright future for savvy investors. 

Bitcoin mining

Bitcoin mining involves the verification of transactions to create new Bitcoin blocks. Every 10 minutes, a Bitcoin block is mined, but miners must solve a complex cryptographic puzzle generated by the network. They employ powerful mining rigs that make countless guesses per second to solve this puzzle. When successful, miners earn rewards. The reward for mining a block is currently 6.25 BTC, which can be worth thousands of dollars based on the prevailing Bitcoin price.

Additionally, transaction fees are paid by senders to cover the cost of verification. Miners receive these fees if they successfully mine the block, and they vary depending on network activity, with an average of about $5,000 in daily fees based on recent data, although daily fees have exceeded $17 million in the past.

Early Bitcoin mining could be done at home with basic computers, but the process has evolved significantly to become highly competitive and requires specialized mining rigs equipped with application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs). 

Bitcoin mining, in particular, demands a substantial initial investment. Crypto mining plays a crucial role in verifying the validity of transactions before permanently adding them to the blockchain. As a result, intense competition among miners accelerates transaction processing and enhances the overall security of the blockchain. Aspiring miners face the choice of either purchasing cryptocurrency mining equipment or renting computational power from a data center. In either case, they should be prepared to allocate several hundred dollars or even more to get started. Moreover, Bitcoin mining has become a preserve of a few well-to-do entities, and BTCS new technology addresses this loophole.

Bitcoin Spark (BTCS)

Entering the world of crypto mining comes with a significant barrier to entry. It’s not free, as even the most fundamental mining operations entail costs. Bitcoin Spark’s new blockchain technology strives for a leveled and inclusive mining field, allowing access to anyone willing to mine. BTCS, through its Proof of Process mechanism, rolls out a refined PoW/PoS mix incorporating processing power contribution and staking.

Bitcoin Spark’s flagship mining application onboards investors and participants using accessible standard devices. With a smartphone, anyone can mine BTCS and earn rewards regardless of processing power. Bitcoin Spark mining application rewards miners for the contributed processing power and stake. The reward structure is all-inclusive and nonlinear to avoid excessive control by those with abundant resources. BTCS plans on a multi-functional smart contract platform and dApps, with a BTCS Wallet in the pipeline after launch.

Bitcoin Spark is amidst a fast-moving ICO in phase nine at $3.50 with a 5% bonus. The holders will realize a 300% ROI when BTCS launches at $10. The ICO is fast-moving as investors anticipate an explosive launch as the early adopters secure a locked 800% ROI. With substantial funding raised, BTCS is upbeat about surging ahead with its developments as per its roadmap. The BTCS platform is compliant and transparent, with stable infrastructure as depicted by ContractWolf audit and KYC.

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