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Quant (QNT) and Dogecoin (DOGE) Face Competition from Rising Star Pullix (PLX)

Press Releases

A rising star has entered the crypto-verse with the potential to rival the likes of Quant and Dogecoin. The project Pullix has raised over $2million and sold over 45million PLX tokens in less than a month. Hailed as the next crypto moonshot, PLX continues to power through its presale whilst surpassing expectations. 

Quant (QNT) Soars Past $120 Resistance, Road To $200?

Since December 9th, Quant (QNT)  price has been stuck below the $120 resistance level. However, the token has broken the resistance this week. According to CoinMarketCap, the “altcoin” rose to a weekly high of $152.97. 

Unfortunately, bears have entered the market and pushed Quant price to the $140 region. However, the token remains bullish on both a weekly and monthly basis. During the past week and month, Quant’s price has risen 30.5% and 45%, respectively.

Now, the token’s RSI value has moved up to 78.75, which means that the Quant market is in an overbought condition. If we look at the RSI indicator, it suggests that the price of Quant will continue to rise. Analysts estimate that perhaps in the coming weeks, it will hit $200.

Dogecoin (DOGE) Number of Addresses Continues To Rise 

The market intelligence platform IntoTheBlock has published an infographic on X. This infographic showed the total number of addresses holding a balance for different L1 networks. The data showed that approximately 5.3 million Dogecoin (DOGE) addresses currently hold a balance. 

It means that Dogecoin’s address count rose during this period. In addition, it indicates that the Dogecoin blockchain has experienced huge interest in recent days. This adoption may impact the meme coin’s price in the future.

While Dogecoin has been stuck in a horizontal channel recently with its price still trading around the $0.09 level. But Dogecoin price is still bullish, up 21.0 % for the week alone.

Pullix (PLX), a Suitable Rival for Quant And Dogecoin 

Apart from Quant and Dogecoin, the DeFi token Pullix has surprised experts to become a strong contender in this space. Can its utility token, PLX, contend with Quant and Dogecoin? Let’s find out.

The Pullix platform is able to seamlessly combine everything that is best about CEX and DEX exchanges. With this arrangement, trades will be faster, more private, and at a lower cost on Pullix. Another advantage of Pullix is the comprehensive range available for trading, including equities, ETFs, commodities, and forex. This means investors can diversify their investments. Next is AI-Powered Copy Trading. This state-of-the-art technology allows users to copy the trades of leading traders. As a result, experienced traders ‘trades can be used to increase the profits of beginners.Lastly, the Pullix DeFi token PLX has a number of functions on the platform. It is the main token for making transactions. Holders of PLX tokens can simply convert their tokens into other digital or traditional currencies. 

Given these considerations, PLX is the best crypto investment that can compete with Quant and Dogecoin. The PLX token is currently valued at $0.07 following a sharp price increase from $0.04 since it initially launched in early December.


Despite the fact that Quant and Dogecoin may see further growth in the future, Pullix has emerged as the best crypto investment right now. Two main elements jump out when evaluating its potential: first, its very small market capitalization, and second, its exposure to the FX market. 

The FX market is well-known for its high daily trading volume, which averages $7.6 trillion. This demonstrates a significant number of traders who could use the Pullix trading platform to boost the value of PLX, analysts expect PLX to 30x upon launch.

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