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Recycle-to-earn Platform Ecoterra Raises More than $500,000, Readies for Next Stage of Presale

Recycle-to-earn Platform Ecoterra Raises More than $500,000, Readies for Next Stage of Presale
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Ecoterra, a new sustainability-focused platform that rewards users for recycling, has raised more than $500,000 through an ongoing presale of its native $ECOTERRA token.

The presale has raised funds at an explosive rate. In the last 48 hours alone, Ecoterra has raised more than $300,000. Investors’ interest in the Ecoterra presale shows no signs of slowing down.

“We are over the moon with the surging interest in our project’s presale,” said Ecoterra CEO Mihai Ciutureanu. “Such impressive early traction is a welcome validation of our business model and vision.”

Now, less than 40% of allocated tokens remain before Ecoterra moves to Stage 2 of its presale. During Stage 2, the price of $ECOTERRA will increase from the current price of $0.004 USDT to $0.00475 USDT. That’s an increase of 18.7%.

So, investors have only a limited time to lock in the lowest price for this eco-friendly crypto token.

Innovative Recycle-to-earn Rewards Incentivize Sustainability

A major part of what’s driving investors to Ecoterra’s presale is the platform’s unique recycle-to-earn program. Users can earn $ECOTERRA tokens every time they recycle plastic bottles, containers, and other reusable materials.

Using Ecoterra’s Web3 app, users simply scan the barcode of the material they want to recycle. The app contains a library of packaging materials from major companies and calculates rewards for each item.

Users then deposit their recyclables in a reverse vending machine (RVM) and snap a photo of their receipt to release their rewards.

Ecoterra has partnered with Dehaize (Lion), a supermarket chain with stores in Europe, North America, and Asia. Dehaize operates RVMs at many of its locations where Ecoterra users can deposit their recyclable materials and earn rewards.

Partnerships with Major Brands Expand Recyclables Library

Ecoterra recently announced partnerships with several major brands to integrate their packaging materials into its recycle-to-earn program. These include San Pellegrino, Vittel, Dr Pepper, and Heineken. 

“We are happy to announce the first brands to be integrated into ecoterra’s ecosystem,” said Ciutureanu. “These are the first steps in building out our extensive product database.”

Notably, San Pellegrino and Vittel are subsidiaries of Nestlé, a major food manufacturer with more than 2,000 brands such as Nestea, Nescafe, KitKat, Gerber, Purina, and Maggi.

Ciutureanu has indicated that the recent partnerships with Nestlé subsidiaries are just the beginning for Ecoterra. “This is also a major milestone in moving towards forming partnerships with parent companies in the coming months,” he said.

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In-app Marketplaces Create a Circular, Low-carbon Economy

Ecoterra’s Web3 app also includes two marketplaces that help drive sustainability efforts.

First, the app offers a carbon offset marketplace that enables users to invest the $ECOTERRA they earn from recycling in carbon credits.

The credits are generated from green energy projects such as solar and wind farms. These projects are fully verified and the credits are acquired from certified carbon registries.

Second, Ecoterra offers a business-to-business marketplace for recycled materials. Companies can search for the exact type of packaging they need and purchase it from a peer business that wants to recycle that material.

Businesses can purchase recycled materials using $ECOTERRA, other cryptocurrencies, or fiat.

The net result of these two marketplaces is to create a more circular and lower-carbon economy. Individuals can recycle and then use their rewards to support green energy projects. Businesses can invest in carbon credits and easily source recycled materials that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

Impact Profiles Make Sustainability More Transparent

Ecoterra is putting its platform to work to solve one of the biggest issues in sustainability: transparency.

Too often, companies participate in greenwashing—touting their eco-friendly efforts while in practice doing little to help the environment or reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

With Ecoterra, every company receives an impact profile that allows consumers to see how they’re approaching sustainability. Profiles show what fraction of a company’s materials are being recycled with Ecoterra and how much a company has invested in carbon offset credits. 

Consumers can compare companies based on what they’ve actually done rather than what they say they’ve done. This gives companies with more effective sustainability measures a chance to stand out and build a loyal customer base.

Ecoterra Presale Offers 150% Return Ahead of Exchange Offering

For a limited time, early investors can buy $ECOTERRA on presale at a price of $0.004 USDT. The project plans to list the tokens on exchanges at $0.01 USDT—a 150% increase from today’s price.

Some analysts have suggested that 150% is just the start. Ecoterra could potentially revolutionize the $63 billion global recycling industry and become a hub for sustainable businesses.

During the presale, investors who refer a friend to Ecoterra can earn a 5% referral bonus. Investors can get a personal referral link from the Ecoterra presale site.

The presale is nearing the end of Stage 1, after which the price of $ECOTERRA will increase substantially. Given the recent surge in interest, it appears likely that the presale will sell out early.

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