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Atlas VPN Review | Should You Use It? | Free VPN [2024]

Atlas VPN Review | Features, Pros, Cons | Free VPN 2021
Jordan Major

In this review, we are focusing on Atlas VPN, a relatively new VPN provider launched in January 2020. You will learn about its key characteristics, such as security, location, connection speeds, privacy, ability to unblock streaming services, and much more.

What is VPN?

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a feature that allows you to mask your IP address, creating a secure tunnel through which your data is sent. In other words, as a user, you may benefit from increased security and privacy since everything you do and browse on the Internet will utilize the VPN server’s IP address rather than your own.

Also, it improves your security when accessing a public Wi-Fi network, which may significantly benefit people who work on the go.

According to the Global VPN Adoption Index, as of 2020, the top 10 countries in order that use VPN the most are as follows: United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Saudi, Azerbaijan, Kuwait, Singapore, Indonesia, Great Britain, USA. The adoption rate indicates what proportion of the country’s population downloaded VPN services in 2020.

Source: Global VPN Adoption Index by Atlas VPN

The demand for VPN services has been steadily increasing in recent years as individuals have become more aware of the possible security and privacy risks associated with online browsing. However, a VPN may provide extra benefits such as bypassing geo-restrictions and allowing users to access content from all over the world, as well as saving money when purchasing streaming services, apps, software, and even plane tickets online.

About Atlas VPN

Headquartered in Delaware, United States, Atlas VPN is a freemium VPN service with solid security credentials that offers both a Free and a Premium account. Peakstar Technologies Inc. is the firm behind this service, registering the Atlas VPN trademark in October 2019.

The VPN contains over 700 servers in 28 countries and provides applications for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows-based smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

Countries where Atlas VPN is accessible. Source:

Atlas VPN offers an instant-convenient and anonymous online browsing experience that removes some of the technical intricacies – particularly those that might scare beginners and those who are less familiar with VPNs – but does not compromise on security.

Why do people choose Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN’s growth and overall popularity among 5 million clients wanting greater freedom and security on the Internet are attributable to a variety of factors, as listed below:

  • One of the main reasons customers choose Atlas VPN is that the company offers a completely Free service, which is a unique selling factor in addition to their Premium service;
  • Their mobile-focused VPN service is ideal for beginners, with user-friendly applications, unlimited bandwidth, robust security measures, and a no-logs policy;
  • The program itself is easy to use; users are only a single click away from being securely protected with a ready-to-use setup; 
  • Atlas VPN delivers full-speed connectivity maintaining its tunnels to provide a smooth and balanced experience;
  • Unlimited devices and bandwidth users can safeguard all supported devices while using them simultaneously;
  • It offers not only a VPN, but also additional safety features like Safebrowse, SafeSwap and Data breach tracker implemented into their VPN;
  • Finally, the Premium Edition of this service unblocks Netflix and other streaming platforms.

Free and Premium Services

Atlas VPN offers a range of products and services. First and foremost on that list is a Free VPN service that does not require any log-in information in addition to a paid Premium VPN service.

Free version

As a free user, you get access to three locations: Amsterdam, New York City, and Los Angeles, in addition to unlimited daily bandwidth restrictions, three devices, encryption, and data encapsulation. However, the Free edition does not have streaming-optimized servers, P2P, 24/7 support, unlimited simultaneous connections, or the Safebrowse function.

Comparison of Free and Paid subscriptions. Source:

Premium service

The Premium services offered by Atlas VPN include, but are not limited to, the following: increased high-speed performance and unlimited connection bandwidth, as well as a Safebrowse function and a safety check-up on service that does not restrict internet connection speeds.

Moreover, customers may use this Premium service on an unlimited number of devices simultaneously, which is a unique feature in the VPN market.  

Currently, Atlas VPN offers its Premium service subscribers 32 locations and 700+ servers globally optimized for streaming ultra-fast 4K. The company expects to add more server locations in the future as its service continues to develop and expand.

Finally, if customers have any queries that urgently need addressing, Atlas VPN Premium provides 24/7 customer support.

Plans & Pricing 

The Premium service follows a popular pricing system among VPN service providers: the longer your membership, the greater the monthly savings. They have three choices:

  • $9.99 Monthly plan;
  • $29.88 Yearly plan;
  • $50.04 3 years plan (1.39$/month).
Atlas VPN premium subscription pricing and plans.

Note: You are free to trial Atlas VPN Premium without risking any money. Every plan has a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to test out the Premium extras and determine whether they are worthwhile enough to justify the purchase. If you are unhappy with the service, make the company aware within 30 days, and they will return your money in full. Credit cards, Google Pay, and PayPal are all accepted payment options.

In comparison to its Free VPN competitors, Atlas VPN performs well by the same token offering a diverse range of locations, devices, and torrenting/P2P capabilities. Furthermore, the service distinguishes itself by offering unlimited bandwidth and 24/7 support.

How Atlas fares against their competitors in the Free VPN market. Source:

Atlas VPN features

Some of the key features that have led to Atlas VPN’s rapid growth and success and what sets it apart from its competitors include Unlimited devices, No-logs policy, IKEv2 protocol & AES-256 encryption Ultra-fast 4K Streaming, Email protection & Safebrowse, and P2P support. We will discuss these features in greater detail below.

The main features of Atlas VPN. Source:

1. Safebrowse

​​The Safebrowse (or Safebrowse Plus on macOS and iOS) toggle is located in the security settings tab. It’s an optional security feature that allows you to block harmful websites. When you use a VPN to browse the internet and come across a website on the blocklist, you will be refused access. Safebrowse is a paid function, so you’ll need to subscribe if you want to use it.

2. Unlimited devices

Atlas provides unlimited VPN protection, which means there is no restriction to the number of simultaneous connections you may establish. So you may use it on your phone as well as your desktop, for example. This is a rare feature among other VPN providers, enabling Atlas users to maximize the value of their subscription.

3. Logging

Atlas VPN has a strict no-logs policy, meaning they are not storing any private information. They reassure users that their service does not keep any personal information, nor do they keep track of user internet activity and utilize this information for commercial purposes. Atlas VPN only collects data that is required to offer its services.

Moreover, according to their policy, you can contact them to have your account permanently deleted. California residents can even request a copy of the information that companies have on file for them.

The company claims that it “will never store or track your online activities. While using Atlas VPN, your domains, applications will never be associated with your device, IP address, or email,” as evidenced by the firm’s Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

In spite of this, Atlas VPN’s privacy policy informs that when you use their app, it holds data regarding your preferences as well as the dates and timings of any connections and disconnections from their VPN service. The Atlas VPN app also gathers information about your device’s model, operating system, language, and time zone.

4. SafeSwap

Atlas is constantly innovating, and recently it has just released the SafeSwap function, which is unique in the VPN industry. This implies that your IP address is cycled for the duration of your connection when you connect to a SafeSwap server.

One would have to disconnect and rejoin a different server with other VPN services to have a comparable outcome. Switching, on the other hand, occurs when you browse with SafeSwap. As a result, if you open one page, it will utilize one IP address; but, when you close that page and open another, the IP address changes.

Each SafeSwap is assigned a variety of IP addresses. Because several people share IP addresses, IP rotations are unexpected, and you won’t notice that they have changed until you check manually.

SafeSwap allows you to choose between three locations: the Netherlands, Singapore, and the United States. Currently, the feature is only available on the Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. However, the developers want to release a macOS version soon.

5. Data breach scanner

Data hack detection is a Premium service that checks to determine whether your data has been compromised due to a data breach. Free service users will not be able to access it.

If your data is compromised in a data breach, you will receive bullet points indicating the type of exposed data. Data breach scanner is a built-in Atlas VPN functionality that can be useful for referencing while trying to close security gaps. You can immediately determine if your email address was affected or whether passwords were also leaked.

6. Encryption and security protocols

The service has military-grade AES-256 bit encryption, thus scrambling your data into 256-bit pieces; even powerful computers may struggle to decipher them, therefore making it almost impenetrable. This ultimately protects your privacy when surfing the net and provides Atlas VPN customers with a strong sense of security.

Atlas VPN encrypts and encapsulates online traffic using an industry-standard mix of AES-256 and IPSec/IKEv2 safe tunneling protocol. Web traffic is routed through Atlas VPN, which protects users from data breaches to protect DNS or IP leaks, connection interception, and tracking.

7. Network Kill switch

Atlas VPN’s kill switch safety feature helps avoid data leaks by shutting down your Internet traffic if your connection to the VPN server is lost; the feature is available for all apps, including in its free version. Android users may also enable the native “Always-on VPN” function. 

A VPN’s security and privacy are two of its most essential features, and on that front, Atlas VPN security is solid and dependable. The firm’s extra perks and advanced features will assist with preventing data leaks, as well as blocking advertisements and malicious websites.

8. Streaming libraries & services

Some people subscribe to VPN apps solely because they can unblock streaming services. As a result, it is one of the most critical aspects of a VPN service.

After connecting to Atlas VPN servers, you may watch videos on a whole range of streaming services from across the globe, including those that are geo-restricted.

Streaming services unlocked by Atlas VPN. Source:

Non-paid versions of the software lack the “Optimized for streaming” description under the three accessible servers, but all Premium servers do. The free version of the software does not bypass Netflix and other streaming services’ geo-restrictions.

However, all of the 28 major platforms in the image as well as many other streaming services, function well with the premium version. Overall, regardless of which countries’ content you wish to unblock, Atlas VPN is a dependable solution for those seeking to stream popular services such as Netflix, HBO, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

Atlas VPN Apps

Atlas VPN is compatible with all major platforms, including Android and iOS for phones and tablets, as well as Windows and MacOS for desktop and laptop computers. The VPN has over 5.5 million installations on all of its platforms combined. To see how they vary, read on.

Atlas VPN supported platforms. Source:

Windows desktop

Atlas VPN claims to have the ‘fastest VPN for PC’ without any buffering, slowdowns, or other speed issues.

The firm’s mobile apps influence the Windows desktop app’s design with rounded corners making it more visually appealing. In terms of the software, it is pretty simple to use and navigate, requiring Windows 10 or above to work.

The login has a built-in Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), so each time you log in from a new device, you must confirm the code sent to your email, adding an extra layer of protection.


Atlas VPN for MacOs employs AES-256 encryption to safeguard the integrity of your data and activities from spying. Atlas VPN requires macOS 10.13 or newer.

It offers a more refined version of the Safebrowse function Safebrowse Plus and prevents malicious websites and filtering advertisements.


The Atlas Android app has been around far longer than its desktop equivalents, translating nicely into a much better user experience with a considerably cleaner design. VPN for Android with high speed enables 

users to stream their favorite shows or play video games without any slowdowns or connection difficulties; it requires Android 6 or newer to function.

Safebrowse and a system-wide kill switch are among the available toggles. You may also use data hack detection to see whether your emails were included in any data breaches. 

To protect the integrity of the user data, Atlas VPN uses the IPSec/IKEv2 protocol alongside AES-256 encryption.


Distinguishing between the Android and iOS apps is difficult as both applications have the same appearance and feel; it requires iOS 13 or newer to function.

The sole distinction between iOS and Android is the title given to the Safebrowse function. On iOS, it’s known as Safebrowse Plus, while on Android, it’s just Safebrowse. 

Furthermore, the sharing of usage data button is situated elsewhere, although this will not significantly impact your experience.

Customer Support

The AtlasVPN app offers direct access to customer service areas; the FAQ is available on the main website as well as in your app. It covers certain fundamentals and serves as an introduction to the platform.

You can go to the FAQ page by heading to “Help” on the website or “Support” on the app and then selecting “Help center.”

Atlas VPN Help Center. Source:

However, if for whatever reason you cannot find the solution to your question on the FAQ page, users may reach customer service at Atlas VPN by email; one may find the following email address on the FAQ page: [email protected]

Email presently is the sole way to contact their customer service representatives. Since Atlas VPN has been on the market for a while, consumers would welcome customer support alternatives like 24/7 live chat, which are currently unavailable. 

It should be noted that, when you contact their customer support, they store communication data such as your email address.

How to install and start using Atlas VPN (step by step)

From start to finish, downloading the app is quick and easy; you can be browsing the web anonymously in about 60 seconds since the app does a fantastic job of simplifying the setup procedure into a few simple steps. The installation procedure is as follows:

Step 1. Go to the Atlas VPN official website and select “Get it on Google Play” (or “Download on the App Store” if you want to use it on an iPhone or iPad). You may also use your app store’s search function to discover “Atlas VPN.”

Atlas VPN App Store. Source: Atlas VPN app

Step 2. Click “Get” to download the app to your phone. The download may take a minute, and then click “Open” to launch the app.

Step 3. After carefully reading the terms and conditions, click ‘Accept & Continue’ on the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions screen to continue with the VPN setup.

Terms and Conditions. Source: Atlas VPN app

Step 4. After clicking “Accept & continue,” the app will bring you to the subscription page, where you will have the option to start your 7-day free trial. However, if you want to ‘proceed with the limited version,’ simply click on the same-named blue text.

Subscribe to a 7-day free trial of the Premium or proceed with the free version. Source: Atlas VPN app

Step 5. When you open the application, the first screen has a design with a large ‘on’ button.

Atlas VPN home screen when you enter. Source: Atlas VPN app

Step 6. When you slide the activation, you will be automatically connected to the nearest server. That was a Dutch server in Amsterdam in our case.

Atlas VPN home screen after connecting. Source: Atlas VPN app

Step 7. You can get started right away without creating an account. For android, the procedure is essentially the same. You’ll be able to protect your internet connection with Atlas VPN within minutes.

The app allows you to upgrade to Premium status. Simply click the “Get Premium” button and complete the instructions, including selecting a payment method and providing your email address.

Pros & Cons



  • Free VPN version;
  • Kill switch;
  • Easy to use interface;
  • Military level protection AES-256 bit encryption;
  • SSL/TLS encryption for data transfers;
  • Premium version unblocks most streaming services;
  • 30-day money-back guarantee;
  • 24/7 support for Paid users;
  • Safebrowse, SafeSwap and Data breach tracker;
  • Market credibility, cited by many global tech media outlets;
  • Built-in log in 2FA.


  • There is no live chat assistance available;
  • A small fleet of servers on the Free version; 
  • Limited functionalities on the Free version.


Overall, Atlas VPN offers an easy-to-use interface and a straightforward service that features reliable security encryption, and the Premium version unblocks major streaming sites. Not to mention it has an extensive server network with over 700 servers in strategic locations to deliver consistently high-speed connections useful for both 4K streaming, torrenting, and gaming.

Furthermore, the app includes a free edition with no data restrictions or information submission obligations alongside a transparent and trustworthy privacy policy. Most importantly, the company is constantly innovating and striving to deliver solid online security products.

Follow Atlas VPN on the following social media platforms Twitter, Facebook, YouTube (highly recommended to check their helpful videos) and Instagram.


Is Atlas VPN free?

Yes. There are both free and Premium versions available. There are no data limitations with the free version, and you don’t even need to make an account.

Is Atlas VPN safe to use?

Atlas VPN employs powerful AES-256 encryption, which should provide enough security and privacy. Their kill switch is likewise operational.

How do I get started with Atlas VPN?

If you’re using a mobile device, go to Google Play or Apple App Store, search for the app, and download it. You’ll need to go to their website and download the app from there if you’re using a desktop computer. It’s as easy as selecting “Connect” from there.

Do Netflix and other streaming services work with Atlas VPN?

Yes. Netflix and other streaming services such as HBO, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, YouTube and Hulu are unblocked with Atlas VPN.

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