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CXIP Review [2024] | Minting NFTs for Creators | Pros, Cons

CXIP Review [2022] | Minting NFTs for creators | Pros, Cons
Diana Paluteder

In this review, we will look at, a platform for minting NFTs for creators. In particular, we will focus on the platform’s key features, such as its function to mint, verify and earn cross-market royalties with NFTs in addition to its security, among others.

About CXIP

Founded in 2021 by intellectual property lawyer Jeff Gluck, CXIP is a non-fungible token (NFT) minting protocol designed for digital creators, based in California, United States. 

CXIP provides creators with a platform to mint NFTs with personal smart contracts, verifiable provenance, enhanced royalties, and cutting-edge security.

The purpose of CXIP is to assist all market players in adopting this enhanced and standardized minting technology, in turn helping to ensure the consistency and compatibility of the crypto art sector.

Users may validate their NFTs on the CXIP minting platform before selling them on the open market. The program attempts to counter the prevalence of counterfeit NFT artwork that has managed to infiltrate and negatively impact major auctions in recent years. 

CXIP hompeage. Source:

In particular, the platform offers creators the following:

  1. Mint NFTs: Users can mint NFTs directly on the platform then sell them across multiple marketplaces.
  1. Verify CXIP NFT: The simple-to-use platform empowers true creator ownership, on-chain provenance, and cross-market royalties.
  1. Application programming interface (API): The platform’s API can be easily  downloaded and used on a backend to enable the minting of NFTs. Creators can seamlessly integrate the CXIP minting software into any marketplace or business.

Why do digital artists use CXIP?

Blockchain technology and NFTs have heralded the dawn of a new era in finance, with the launch of CXIP providing the possibility to mint NFTs on the open market and auction houses.

In particular, ‘Minting’ is the procedure through which an NFT is produced, and if that process is flawed, the resulting NFT is flawed. 

Since a securely and adequately minted NFT is the only method to ensure genuine provenance and verifiable validity, creators have been scouting a way to make sure their work is properly authenticated. 

Presently, there are some marketplaces that mint NFTs using inefficient and defective methods of minting, which provide opportunities for the production of counterfeit NFTs and the perpetration of fraudulent transactions; as a result, CXIP aims to tackle the issue.

  • CXIP produces an enhanced minting method that is universally applicable to the development of valid and secure NFTs throughout the crypto sector;
  • The newly-introduced minting platform allows users to verify their NFTs before putting them up for sale;
  • CXIP combats the issue of inauthentic NFT artwork that has managed to slip through and affect major auctions;
  • Essentially, the platform offers a way of validating NFTs, which; thus, giving more protection to both customers and creators;
  • CXIP is working on behalf of artists to guarantee that they receive royalties for their sales, to enable creators to own the smart contracts that they use to exchange their tokens, and to ensure that their NFTs do not get lost;
  • The platform allows its users to mint the NFTs, which ultimately can be used inside the metaverse as Web3 continues to develop.
CXIP features for marketplaces & businesses. Source:

CXIP key features

In general, CXIP has seven key features to offer a new means of financial utility for NFTs:

1. Cross-Market borderless royalties

Using CXIP’s innovative PA1D™ smart contract, royalty payments may be distributed across markets without interruption, thanks to borderless royalties. Therefore, using PA1D smart contracts to ensure that royalties are unbroken across multiple marketplaces.

 Since CXIP offers cross-platform transactions that may be utilized to eliminate frauds and voided contracts, the platform can ensure that artists earn royalties while their NFTs are copied and distributed online.

2. Permanence 

The NFT metadata is permanently saved through CXIP’s minting process, which uses the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), which is a protocol and peer-to-peer network for storing and sharing data in a distributed file system in addition to Arweave technology.

3. Fraud and theft prevention

CXIP verifies and audits each and every NFT, detecting any fakes, as well as tracking the provenance chain. 

4. Carbon offsetting

Given that an average NFT will produce 211kg of carbon dioxide in a lifetime due to NFT minting and purchasing, CXIP minting makes use of carbon offsetting to provide marketplaces and artists with a solution to this problem.

5. Payload immutability 

The platform mints NFTs with one-of-a-kind, immutable URLs that secure the content from being manipulated.

CXIP also offers an extra add-on service that allows artists to register their work with the U.S. Copyright Office for legal protection.

7. Authenticated provenance

The wallet or user-friendly proxy wallet creation process necessitates each NFT to be ‘signed’ by the creator, so there is real provenance, identity, and security for all NFTs.

Minting AP features. Source:

Is CXIP safe?

In order to secure its digital assets, the startup has teamed up with various musicians and artists, including Pharrell Williams, the celebrity music producer, and performer.
  • CXIP is the first blockchain platform to provide a system for certifying NFTs, hence providing greater security to both buyers and artists in the process;
  • The platform carries out an audited minting process and has a bunch of measures in place to track and monitor counterfeits;
  • The startup uses a variety of technological, organizational, and physical measures to keep personal users’ accounts and personal information secure.

Furthermore, the platform has also secured a $1.7 million in initial investment from strategic partners, with the involvement of many funds and angel investors, including Arweave, Wave Financial, Arca, GMoney NFT, Larry Warsh, Courtside Ventures, and Mechanism Capital, among others.

Strategic partners. Source:

Minting NFTs with CXIP

The CXIP platform connects APIs with all main NFT markets in order to facilitate minting, so the choices for minting NFT only be divided into two different and independent flows: 

  1. First-time NFT Mint – This is for those who have not yet registered for an account in the System will be able to complete the minting process and gather all the necessary information.
  1. Subsequent NFT Mint – This is for users who already have an account on CXIP. After the successful authentication of these users, just a part of the information will be necessary.
Minting an NFT on CXIP dashboard. Source:

Following the submission of artwork, artists and creators are required to enter payment information in order to collect NFT Minting payments.

Fees and Payments

For the use of or access to CXIP’s services, you will not be charged any fees. Nevertheless, when you mint NFTs, the platform may collect gas or other transaction fees imposed by Ethereum and/or other blockchains.

  • Payments will be handled via Stripe, which is a third-party payment processing service.

Customer support

CXIP is active on social platforms, so creators who encounter any issues in their attempts to mint NFTs are able to contact them both through Discord and Twitter.

Alternatively, if you have any questions, comments, or would want to receive any further information, you may contact CXIP at: [email protected]

How to create an account on CXIP (step-by-step)

Step 1: Go to and click on [LOG IN] in the top right-hand corner.

CXIP Log In. Source:

Step 2: On the next screen click [Create Account].

CXIP create account. Source:

Step 3: Next, enter in your details and click [Sign Up].

CXIP create account information. Source:

Step 4: Finally, you will arrive at the dashboard with access to NFTs, Royalties, and Billing tabs. The whole process takes less than two minutes to complete. 

CXIP dashboard. Source:

Pros & Cons of CXIP



  • You can validate the authenticity of NFTs;
  • CXIP does not charge any fees to use its services;
  • Cutting edge minting solution;
  • Seamlessly integrate the CXIP minting software into any marketplace or business;
  • On-chain provenance.


  • The platform lacks any video guides; 
  • CXIP does not have any FAQ page for its users.

Final thoughts 

All in all, NFTs and digital assets continue to be explored and swiftly transform the finance sector, but there are still difficulties that need to be addressed. CXIP provides cryptocurrency artists with an advanced, standardized minting solution that seeks to alleviate the challenges that affect NFT digital artists.

Although NFTs give a transactional record of the work, they do not necessarily give the creator’s identity nor can they guarantee the validity of the creativity as NFTs don’t need artists to establish their identity before minting a work, allowing for illegal activities. CXIP aims to solve this issue by giving the creator ownership, on-chain provenance, and cross-market royalties.

On the whole, the platform provides personal smart contracts, verifiable provenance, enhanced royalties, and ultra-modern security, in its attempts to curtail fraud.

FAQs about

What is CXIP?

CXIP is a new startup minting platform that allows creators and users to validate their NFTs before putting them up for sale.

What is an NFT?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique digital assets that prove the ownership and provenance of an item. Although they reside on a blockchain, NFTs may represent both digital and physical assets, like concert tickets, baseball cards, and virtual in-game currencies.

How do I mint an NFT on CXIP?

Minting an NFTs is a procedure in which artists register their artwork on the blockchain and give ownership of that file to a specific user; this is the first link in a publicly confirmed chain. 

What are the fees to mint an NFT on CXIP?

CXIP does not charge any fees for the use of or access to its services. However, when you mint non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the platform may collect gas or other transaction fees imposed by Ethereum and/or other blockchains.

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