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SpaceCatch Review [2024] | A Web3 Augmented Reality Game

SpaceCatch Review
Marko Marjanovic

In this review, we’re examining SpaceCatch, an augmented reality (AR) game driven by artificial intelligence (AI). More specifically, we’ll see what SpaceCatch is, how it was developed and why, how it works, and who can enjoy it. In addition, we’ll provide some tips on how to sign up for the upcoming beta and share some of its pros and cons to give you a clear overview of the game’s strengths, weaknesses, and potential uses.

About SpaceCatch

SpaceCatch is an augmented reality (AR) game built on artificial intelligence (AI) and technology. In the game, players make their own hero and play to safeguard the human Metaverse by defeating foes from outer space and reaping non-fungible tokens (NFT) and other benefits.

Developed by the gaming studio Pixelfield, SpaceCatch seeks to deliver a new Web3 gaming experience by leveraging current mobile and blockchain technology.

SpaceCatch homepage. Source:

SpaceCatch tl;dr

  • Developer: Pixelfield;
  • Release: Public Beta in April 2024;
  • Genre: Augmented reality, Web3, GPS;
  • Staking: up to 100% reward first month;
  • $CATCH Token: Sold out;
  • NFTs: Sold out;
  • CEX initial listing: March 28, 2028.

How Does SpaceCatch Work?

SpaceCatch leverages advanced AR technology for its core combat mode, allowing players to engage in battle against alien non-playable characters (NPCs) within their own personalized AR battlefield.

Players can earn NFT boosters integral to gameplay and the progression system. They can be obtained through physical activities and daily routines like commuting or purchased from other players, and they drive the entire SpaceCatch experience. 

SpaceCatch does not directly sell NFT boosters. You must earn them through physical activity or acquired from other players.

SpaceCatch’s earning model revolves around physical activity and calorie expenditure, promoting a sustainable gaming environment. While not focused on high returns per se, the game offers players various earning avenues. For example, they can sell boosters, rent NFTs, and trade avatars. Note, though, that the CATCH token is not a reward token but rather a utility within the SpaceCatch ecosystem (see below on tokenomics).

Moreover, SpaceCatch features game quests where aliens possess cognitive abilities, blurring the lines between reality and virtual encounters. These tasks are designed to foster player engagement, with an AI companion guiding players through challenges. 


SpaceCatch trailer. Source: SpaceCatch YouTube channel

SpaceCatch’s core gameplay centers on defeating and capturing extraterrestrial beings by yourself or joining forces with other players to accomplish similar goals and progress through the story. The combat makes use of augmented reality mechanics, empowering players to deploy diverse tactics, weaponry, and strategies in overcoming alien adversaries.

Acknowledging the imperative of sustaining player engagement, SpaceCatch is actively integrating AI to generate new quests by discerning individual player preferences and providing personalized challenges to enhance the overall player immersion.

Character Customization

Players craft their own avatar, a process involving physical movement and calorie burning. Avatars can be further refined based on stats such as strength, skill, and capabilities through the acquisition of unique NFTs, available for purchase or rental. These NFTs substantially bolster a player’s chances of prevailing against specific alien foes. See the sections below for more info on NFTs.

Earn While You Move

SpaceCatch introduces an “earn-as-you-move” concept, allowing players to do real-world physical activities and upgrade their avatars. 

Engaging in physical activities yields essential boosters crucial for progress. Active players can opt to sell their surplus boosters to less active counterparts or those focused on alternative aspects of Web3. The boosters cannot be bought directly from the developers, ensuring a fluid market price.

Daily Milestones

In their daily routine, players oversee their avatar’s sanctuary, where they gather Research points, Supply points, and unique loot. Each day, players strive to achieve daily milestones for accelerated progression and access to new gaming realms. 

Moreover, the Friends feature facilitates item exchange, cooperative alien encounters, defense of central hubs, and co-op combat. Friends can swap items and obtain repair kits to maintain equipment integrity.

Mapping Territories

With map radar and GPS functionalities, the game lets players identify nearby alien-infested zones, and dynamic territories that demand strategic planning to clear. 

Players observe invasions, assess their equipment, and engage with others for item transactions. However, they may also have to contend with alien-induced ailments, necessitating curative or repair items.

There are also crafting options, enabling the creation of not only medicinal remedies but also weaponry. By utilizing gathered resources, players can enhance their weapons, fortify their defenses, change attire, and so on, equipping themselves with potent tools against diverse alien threats. 

Naturally, all such endeavors require a sufficient calorie reserve to cover crafting, repairs, or booster acquisition.


Watch some SpaceCatch pre-beta footage. Source: SpaceCatch YouTube channel.

Watch some SpaceCatch pre-beta footage. Source: SpaceCatch YouTube channel.

SpaceCatch is developed to seamlessly integrate with the metaverse, enabling players to transition between the game and the virtual realm. Some of the key features of the metaverse integration include:

  • Cross-platform play: Players can log in and execute various actions across various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and even PCs;
  • NFT ownership and use: Players can utilize NFTs they acquired within the game in the broader SpaceCatch ecosystem;
  • Immersive gameplay experience: Players can engage in newly generated activities within the metaverse using their character and NFTs.

More About the NFTs

SpaceCatch NFT collection. Source:

The initial 500 Genesis NFT boxes have been sold out, but 10,000 releases are scheduled over the next two years. These NFTs are the most coveted items within the game, and players have the freedom to utilize, trade, or rent them out, with their value increasing as the player base expands. 

As players progress through the game, they will earn a variety of in-game NFT reward items. Unlike the limited Genesis NFTs, these NFTs are subject to inflation, with no predefined supply limit. However, their deflationary nature is managed through a durability mechanism, resulting in the burning of the NFT after a set number of uses.

Thus, the game features two types of NFT:

  1. Non-inflationary NFTs (including Genesis NFTs);
  2. Inflationary NFTs: Carbonium box (common), Ironium box (uncommon), Titanium box (rare), Palladium box (legendary), Pallasite box (mythical), Boosters;

NFT Lending and Renting

Recognizing the dynamic nature of the game’s challenges, SpaceCatch introduces a lending system, allowing players to rent out their NFT items to others. This system benefits both owners, who earn passive income, and renters, who gain access to powerful items without the need for outright purchase.

NFT Boosters and Potions

Introducing a novel move-to-earn concept, SpaceCatch offers NFT boosters and potions tied to physical activity. By accumulating calories and steps, players can earn item packs and craft potions levels 1–99. Levels 1–89 are personal-use non-NFT potions, and levels 90–99 are tradable NFT potions. Upon usage, all NFT potions are burned, contributing to a deflationary effect that adjusts prices based on supply and demand.

While non-inflationary NFTs remain unaffected, inflationary NFTs feature a durability function. The more an NFT is used, the quicker it burns. However, players have the option to either pay for instant recovery or continue using the NFT until its eventual depletion.

SpaceCatch Tokenomics

SpaceCatch tokenomics. Source:

SpaceCatch launched its $CATCH token on centralized exchanges (DEXs). Since its debut, the token has surged an astounding 7600%, reaching a peak of $4.60 (the pre-sale price was only $0.06).

This rapid growth highlighted not only the project’s potential but also captivated investor interest, thrusting SpaceCatch into the limelight within the burgeoning realm of blockchain-based gaming.

From a technical standpoint, the token has shown resilience by maintaining robust support levels. This consolidation phase presents an opportune moment for investors to consider entry, as the token’s stability suggests a favorable risk-to-reward ratio.


SpaceCatch presents advanced staking mechanisms similar to Bitcoin halving, unfolding over five years with annual halving events. 

Early participants can enjoy significant annual percentage rates (APRs) between 300% and 500%, highlighting the token’s appeal in its initial stages. Additionally, SpaceCatch’s off-chain operations provide easy access for non-crypto enthusiasts to mobile gaming, promoting inclusivity and accessibility. 

A portion of gaming profits will support $CATCH buyback and burn programs and post-staking rewards, nurturing a sustainable gaming ecosystem.


According to the $CATCH Vesting Schedule, up to 43% of the tokens allocated to the community will be gradually distributed to avoid the potential market disruption that would arise if all tokens were released at once. In other words, vesting ensures a stable flow of $CATCH tokens, preserving their value and preventing sudden market fluctuations. 

Over 2.5 years, tokens will be gradually released, with 5% or 10% immediately available for staking, providing flexibility for users. Despite risks such as low initial token values, the team believes comparisons with other gaming projects suggest significant profit potential for $CATCH. 

Additionally, in-game uses of $CATCH tokens, including burning and reward distribution, contribute to its potential deflationary nature. As the player base grows, the token is expected to increase in value, making it an attractive asset within the ecosystem.

$CATCH Uses in the Game

The $CATCH token functions as both a store of value and the primary currency for all in-game transactions. Consequently, as the game grows, the involvement of $CATCH will increase, driving up its price. $CATCH can only be acquired through direct purchase or staking, distinguishing them from reward tokens. 

The token is indispensable for in-game transactions, with investments in a player’s avatar enhancing the chances of acquiring NFTs for sale and other perks. Among the gameplay features built around $CATCH are:

  • Instant health/tool recovery;
  • Participating in in-game lotteries;
  • Accessing premium missions;
  • Acquiring premium NFT boxes;
  • Participating in auctions of premium NFT items;
  • Accessing premium events;
  • Trading $CATCH with other players for NFT boosters;
  • Buying various items or assets from other players.

At the time of writing (April 2024), the $CATCH token presale has been sold out.

The next quarters promise a wealth of innovative features to enhance the SpaceCatch experience, including AI-driven quests tailored to individual playstyles and multiplayer challenges for teaming up with friends.

How to Start Playing

The final version of the game has still not been launched. However, the open beta is set to go live in April 2024. To request access to the open beta, head over to the official SpaceCatch website and click on the Request Beta button (as seen below):


Next, provide your e-mail address by typing it into the designated field (as seen below):


When the beta goes live, you will receive a notification with instructions on how to proceed with the game.

Is SpaceCatch Safe?

To provide reassurance regarding the credibility and transparency of the project, the SpaceCatch team has undergone a rigorous team audit conducted by CertiK, being awarded a KYC Gold Verification, verifying the identities of 6 core team members responsible for the security and integrity of the project.

SpaceCatch CertiK evaluation. Source:

The $CATCH token has also been audited by CertiK. All pertinent information can be found in the SpaceCatch Token Security Assessment file released by CertiK.

The team behind SpaceCatch has been verified by in 2023. More info is available on Solidproof’s GitHub page and the official platform website.

Potential players can also see a list of past partnerships on the SpaceCatch website, which might add to their sense of security. Some of the more notable partners listed on the website include Microsoft Azure, Unity, GitBook, and Playfab.

Why Should Players Choose SpaceCatch?

SpaceCatch distinguishes itself through its pioneering integration of Web3 elements within AR — for example, NFTs — and the move-to-earn model (see below) through its marketplace, facilitating player engagement through trading, renting, and borrowing of in-game assets.

Further, the game’s combat system and incorporation of players’ physical activity aims to incentivize players to engage with the app during everyday activities, such as commuting, enabling them to bolster their avatar’s capabilities through their physical exertion. As such, the game caters to diverse environments, offering indoor mini-games and training arenas to accommodate player preferences and ensure engagement.

Moreover, the dev team makes extensive use of AI, particularly in crafting dynamic gaming quests. Acknowledging the saturated gaming market, the team promises to foster engagement through regular updates by leveraging AI to tailor gaming quests to individual player behavior, avatar specifications, and in-game activities.


The game’s move-to-earn mechanism serves as a potent engagement tool, emphasizing a commitment-based model rather than promising quick, substantial returns. By encouraging frequent app use, players are incentivized by the notion of potentially losing out on rewards if they remain inactive. 

Advanced play-to-earn features, such as unique strategies, NFT rentals, avatar sales, and booster trading, also empower players to dictate their level of involvement and investment in the game.

The Roadmap for the Future

SpaceCatch endeavors to ascend to the AR gaming top by the end of 2024, leveraging its unique gameplay, Web3 integration, and engagement strategies. With no direct competitors in the Web3 AR gaming realm, the game could indeed dominate the target markets. 

Thanks to the game’s self-funded approach, the team behind it is able to promise reliability and transparency, ensuring stakeholders of our commitment to delivering a superior gaming experience. 

The SpaceCatch roadmap. Source:

SpaceCatch Pros and Cons



  • The game has no competitors in the Web3 augmented reality gaming space;
  • The move-to-earn rewards system is an interesting way to drive involvement;
  • Gamification of the crypto and NFT sphere can attract more potential traders;
  • The $CATCH token has seen some remarkable growth;
  • The game is available globally and is supported by iOS and Android operating systems.


  • Some players might find the focus on NFTs offputting.

SpaceCatch Customer Support and Community Platforms

All of the most important information regarding SpaceCatch, its community, and its development can be found on the game’s official website, blog, and social media channels. Those looking for a more in-depth look into the game, its tokenomics, and its NFT mechanisms can find more information in the whitepaper.

Here are the main SpaceCatch community and support channels: 

  • Website: Find the most important information about the game on the official SpaceCatch website;
  • Medium: Check out the SpaceCatch Medium page for game updates and guides;
  • Blog:  On the SpaceCatch blog, you’ll find educational posts and analyses.

SpaceCatch social media platforms:

  • Telegram and Discord: Join the growing SpaceCatch community on Telegram and Discord to stay in the loop about all pertinent developments and discuss the game with other players;
  • Instagram: Check out the SpaceCatch Instagram page for the latest news, updates, and announcements;
  • X (Twitter):  Follow SpaceCatch on X (Twitter) for quick updates;
  • YouTube: Subscribe to the SpaceCatch YouTube channel for video updates and development logs.


In conclusion, SpaceCatch emerges as a promising frontrunner in Web3 gaming, blending augmented reality with blockchain technology to deliver an innovative gaming experience that will also serve as a gateway to the digital asset industry. 

With its fresh move-to-earn gameplay concept, dynamic AI-driven quests, and seamless integration within the metaverse, SpaceCatch has a lot of gameplay potential. 

As we eagerly anticipate the open beta launch in April 2024, SpaceCatch promises to revolutionize gaming by incentivizing physical activity, fostering player engagement, and reshaping the future of Web3 mobile entertainment.

Disclaimer: The content on this site should not be considered investment advice. Investing is speculative. When investing, your capital is at risk. 

FAQs about SpaceCatch

What is SpaceCatch?

SpaceCatch is an augmented reality (AR) game powered by artificial intelligence. In the game, players can create their heroes and fight aliens while reaping rewards. SpaceCatch endeavors to deliver unparalleled AR and Web3 gaming immersion using current mobile technology and leveraging blockchain innovation.

What is the SpaceCatch story?

In SpaceCatch, a parallel-universe Earth is being auctioned as a prime source of biomass. This initiates encounters with alien beings deploying their weakest units to occupy vulnerable regions, prompting humanity to hide in shelters. However, a group of humans known as Catchers begins sabotaging alien efforts, acquiring new tech with each attack. 

Can you play SpaceCatch on mobile?

Yes, SpaceCatch is a mobile game. It is available on both iOS and Android devices.

Is SpaceCatch free to play?

Yes, SpaceCatch is free to play.

Who developed SpaceCatch?

SpaceCatch is developed primarily by Pixelfield.

What countries is SpaceCatch available in?

SpaceCatch is available globally.

How does SpaceCatch use NFTs?

In SpaceCatch, you can earn NFT boxes just by playing. The boxes contain various NFT items and materials that will help you earn more rewards.

What can you do with the CATCH token in SpaceCatch?

The CATCH token can be staked or used for instant HP/tool recovery, in in-game lotteries, accessing premium missions, buying premium NFT boxes, participating in auctions of premium NFT items, participating in premium events, trading $ with other players for NFT boosters, and buying various items or assets.

When is SpaceCatch coming out?

The SpaceCatch open beta is scheduled for release in April 2024.

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