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Riding High on Polygon’s (MATIC) Record Performance; Al Altcoin Presale Hits $12M Benchmark

Riding High on Polygon's (MATIC) Record Performance; Al Altcoin Presale Hits $12M Benchmark
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Rekt Capital suggests that Polygon (MATIC) has the potential to reach considerably higher than its current DeFi coin price level as the number of active addresses on the Polygon network has risen to over 484,000. With investors now deciding to take profits, it’s leading to a temporary correction for MATIC. According to analysts, momentum is on the rise, with the result that MATIC could surpass $2.

The emerging crypto InQubeta (QUBE) is in the ninth presale stage for its native token, which is selling out fast, raising over $12 million. Its platform, supported by artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology, utilizes trending NFTs (non-fungible tokens) to offer a unique cryptocurrency crowdfunding approach. This article covers the propositions that propel InQubeta towards the $12.5 million benchmark in presale and Polygon’s recent record performance.

InQubeta (QUBE) Allures Investors With Its High Potential

InQubeta brings a fresh approach to AI investments, linking investors with budding companies. AI startups can get seed funds by minting investment opportunities within InQubeta’s NFT marketplace, providing investors equal access to the ventures. When investors purchase these trending NFTs, they support the promising projects, have a share in the startups, and benefit from rewards for their success.

The Ethereum (ETH) blockchain supports InQubeta’s ecosystem, and its robust smart contract capabilities enable InQubeta to custom-build its NFT marketplace, which is highly flexible and interoperable. Part of the project’s roadmap plan is to expand its ecosystem to become multichain this year. This further development will let the altcoin leverage the capabilities of multiple blockchain platforms, creating a more diverse investment platform.

QUBE is deflationary, having a 2% transaction tax sent to a burn wallet to keep the supply in check and another 5% tax allocated to a rewards pool to incentivize long-term holdings. This emerging crypto also serves as a governance token. This democratic structure encourages its token holders to propose, discuss, and vote on crucial implementations that will enhance the budding project. 

So far, the InQubeta presale has attracted more than $12 million in investments, edging nearer to the $12.5 million funding benchmark. InQubeta is selling at a DeFi coin price of $0.028, with enticing bonuses for early investors after the presale concludes. There are already over 904 million QUBE tokens in circulation, showing the surging interest in the project and the likelihood of a massive rally once the project launches.

Polygon (MATIC) Shows Potential for Higher Gains

Rekt Capital explained that Polygon can reach notably higher than its current level. Analysts suggest that the anticipated rise depends on overcoming the $1.25 resistance level. 

According to analysts, if momentum increases, the price of MATIC might surpass $2. Polygon currently trades just above $1. Considering the rising on-chain actions, it can be inferred that MATIC may show a higher trend. The number of active addresses on the Polygon network has risen past 484,000. 

The massive increase in active addresses since the month means many users flock to the Polygon network. Polygon recently saw a slight correction, and investors are taking this opportunity to buy at a lower price below the $1.25 mark.


The cryptocurrency analyst predicts that Polygon will reach $2 as individuals anticipate its surge. InQubeta’s focus on making investment in AI ventures more accessible opens up new avenues to get involved with AI technology and see large profits. This emerging crypto is making significant progress in its ongoing presale.. Those interested in capitalizing on this token should visit the website below to purchase today.

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