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Sell-off Pressure Mounts for Arbitrum and PEPE; Rise of Challenger in Rankings

Sell-off Pressure Mounts for Arbitrum and PEPE; Rise of Challenger in Rankings
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Aribitrum (ARB) and Pepe coin (PEPE) are among the altcoins that have been witnessing sell-off pressure. As the pressure mounts, crypto users are now looking for tokens that can fulfill the ETF acceptance criteria. 

For many people, their search ended with InQubeta (QUBE). An innovative crypto project where users can invest in AI startups and own equity. The platform has been making waves with its presale gains that recently crossed $12.3 million. It’s even topping the list of this year’s recommended presales.

Market experts are of the view that InQubeta has the potential to outperform AI-centric altcoins like (FET).

InQubeta: Taking AI startups to new heights

InQubeta has been designed to make startup investments more accessible for the average crypto user. With InQubeta, AI startups can receive a steady stream of funds, and investors can become financially independent by becoming their partners in growth. 

These investments are facilitated through an NFT marketplace where the NFTs are minted from startups’ proposals and sold. The only mode of payment at the portal is InQubeta’s native cryptocurrency, the QUBE token. 

Crypto users can either buy the entire NFT or a part of it. In exchange for the funds, the startups offer them a share in their equity. 

The QUBE token is among the best altcoins to buy now as it’s likely to fetch regular returns due to its deflationary framework. Under a deflationary model, the supply is lowered whenever the market is facing volatility or high inflation. 

The slowdown in supply will boost the asset value even as other categories are flailing due to market turbulence. If there is any risk of a supply increase, the additional tokens can be burned and removed from circulation.  

As the AI space evolves, InQubeta is all set to keep up with it. The team has chalked out a roadmap and will be unveiling new additions to the InQubeta ecosystem. 

Initiatives like getting the QUBE token listed on a centralized exchange and rolling out a staking dApp will help the platform reach out to new audience groups.


Arbitrum invites contributions to gaming vertical

Arbitum is a Layer 2 technology that can be leveraged for deploying cutting-edge dApps and other decentralized infrastructure. Its native token ARB is considered one of the best crypto investments that people can find today and is the official medium of exchange within the Arbitrum ecosystem.

The platform announced its plans to invite ARB token holders to contribute to the development of its Web 3.0 gaming vertical. Announcing the launch of its Gaming Catalyst Program (GCP), Arbitrum is inviting users to allocate 200 million tokens. 

Pepe Coin announces new campaign for US

Pepe Coin is an animal-themed meme coin that cashes in on the popularity of Matt Furie’s famous creation. The cryptocurrency’s native token PEPE is used for transactional purposes on the decentralized platform.

The meme coin has unveiled a reward program for its fans in the US. The participants stand a chance to share a $50,000 reward pool. The rewards will go to eligible users with the highest fiat balances of USD. to invest $100 million in its infrastructure is a platform where crypto users can create AI-led services and dApps and monetize them. The Cosmos-powered platform has a native token, FET, which comes in handy while settling all kinds of transactions within the network.

The platform was recently in the news after it announced that it will be providing $100 million for its infrastructure program, Fetch Compute. The investment will be helpful in upskilling developers, ramping up computing power, and offering GPU credits, among other uses. 


InQubeta, Arbitrum, Pepe coin, and are among the top crypto coins available in the market today. These tokens have impressed both DeFi experts and crypto users with their user-friendly models. 

A section of analysts see the recent achievements of these cryptocurrencies as a key success driver for them. 

Artbirum’s recent catalyst program and’s plans to invest $100 million in AI solutions have helped them strike a chord with crypto users.

Amid the dwindling fortunes of many token holders, InQubeta has emerged as a good crypto to buy amid a challenging market environment. 

The ingenuity of an AI-focused token that’s powered by the Ethereum blockchain has evoked a positive response in the crypto community. Its presale gains are a timely reminder of why innovativeness and growth-oriented solutions can never go out of favor. 

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