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SHIB and PEPE Fizzle Out as Price Declines; Is Milei Moneda the Next Big Meme Coin? Early Adopters Say Yes!

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  • Shiba Inu faces tough moments as token burn rate dips. 
  • PEPE is taking a break from all the action. Could PEPE come back stronger after the BTC halving?
  • Milei Moneda is pushing for DeFi in the meme world.

It’s been a crazy two months for the top altcoins, and it’s safe to say meme coins have been the top gainers. Analysts predicted an ‘alt season,’ but the meme coins are the ones running the show.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) has had a field day in the crypto-verse, leaping past even the best DeFi coins on its way to the top. Meme coins have been regarded as pump-and-dump projects for a long while, but SHIB and DOGE tokens have kept a blue chip status among meme tokens. Shiba Inu shed some of its profits lately, as the SHIB burn rate dropped by 60%, mirroring a 7% drop in SHIB’s price.

While Shiba Inu declined last week, PEPE kept the profit streak up, at least until the past two days. PEPE token’s 580% pump in the past month has placed it above some of the top crypto coins, and that includes Fantom.

At any rate, both SHIB and PEPE traded at losses in the past week. There’s a chance that they spike with renewed activity after the Bitcoin halving, but Milei Moneda ($MEDA) is offering an unbeatable deal this summer.

Hang on for more on Milei Moneda.

Economize Like Milei: Invest in $MEDA!

Shiba Inu vs. PEPE

We all know how important the burn mechanisms are to the Shiba Inu tokens. It practically kept SHIB’s price above the bearish waters last year, so SHIB might have relied on its token burning for profits.

Shiba Inu dropped off the list of the best coins to invest in this week after its 60% slump in burn rate reflected as a 7.6% loss in SHIB value on the charts. Investors are not too happy with that, seeing as Bitcoin’s halving is in less than three weeks.

A quick look at PEPE’s charts tells an almost similar tale. Although you can expect the highly reactionary PEPE coin to pump and dip at any time, it was certainly bad timing last week. PEPE hasn’t had it as bad as SHIB, but the devious frog cannot be trusted completely.

Analysts from FXStreet suggest that Shiba Inu might dip a further 10% before stabilizing. On the other hand, PEPE has a reputation for the spotlight, and as long as the crypto market is rallying, you can almost trust PEPE to be in the green.

SHIB was one of the best cryptos to invest in two weeks ago; now, it’s not looking so appealing. PEPE is a sensitive token, but there’s one more top ICO from the meme sector.

Milei Moneda: Meme Culture With a Hint of DeFi

The new ICOs are out, but there are only a few on Milei Moneda‘s level–and none are from the meme sector. $MEDA is bringing in a revolutionary trend typical of a meme coin, and there’s no telling where Milei Moneda will end up.

Milei Moneda is a huge supporter of economic freedom for everyone, and its first agenda is to influence government policies to encourage cryptocurrencies. $MEDA is adopting Argentinian politician Javier Milei’s methods to drive home the DeFi gospel among the policymakers.

The best part is that Milei Moneda is ready to walk the talk. The Milei Moneda community is a group of active $MEDA holders, and they will start shaping the future of the token as soon as it goes live. Too many meme communities have gone dormant from lack of motivation, but you’d find there’s no end to the incentives from $MEDA.

Members who suggest the best governance proposals will get rewards, while others will be exposed to exclusive supplies like trending NFTs and monthly giveaways. If you’re a top token holder, that’s even better. You get more invitations to events and exclusive content from Milei Moneda.


PEPE seems a more likely choice for profits than SHIB, as the PEPE token is legendary for making the most of bull runs. We also have Milei Moneda, with its 100% ROI for early buyers to claim by mid-year!


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