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Shocking Revelation: Bitgert’s Price Hits Unprecedented Heights – Are We Witnessing the Birth of a New Crypto Giant?

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We are finally in the bullish zone!

Yes, Bitcoin just surpassed its previous ATH of $68,999.99, recorded on November 2021, and reached $69,324 on March 5, 2024.

While marketers thought that it might remain at this peak value for quite some time, BTC shocked everyone by surpassing it again on March 10, 2024, by crossing $70,000. Its new ATH is $72,287.65, recorded on March 11, 2024, a few minutes back.

But how does it affect layer-1 coins like Bitgert? And is this sudden surge going to fuel Bitgert to become the new crypto giant?

Well, let’s discuss that.

Bitgert Market Performance

The onset of March 10, 2024 was one of the biggest days for Bitgert as the coin saw a whopping rise of 70.32% in the afternoon, which kept on increasing till nightfall. 

The highest price recorded during this surge was $0.0000004387. Besides, this sudden surge also affected Bitgert’s monthly percentage by increasing it to 200.09%.

Why did BRISE see a sudden surge? That’s because BTC crossed its ATH. 

When the sun rose on March 11, 2024, BRISE was still experiencing a nice hike. However, at the moment of writing, Bitgert is experiencing a slight dip of 3.58%, with its value being $0.000000336.

But, the coin will rise again since the current market is volatile.

Talking about its weekly and monthly stats, they are rising at 59.20% and 141.79% respectively. These statistics have affected Bitgert’s market cap as well, since it’s experiencing a downfall of 3.20%, with value being at $133.78 Million.

Moreover, the 24 hours trading value of Bitgert is also facing a downfall of 44.68%, decreasing the value to $7.29 Million.

Will Bitgert Emerge as the New Crypto Giant?

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, analysts can predict their future based on past data and insights.

So, will Bitgert become the new crypto giant or not?

Well, BRISE does has the potential of emerging as the hottest crypto giant, all thanks to its various partnerships and upcoming projects.

Besides, its vast set of solutions and projects has finally lured major crypto whales into investing in the coin.

On top of that, Bitgert’s weekly report has just revealed that BRISE will be listed on one of the top exchange platforms of Europe. Though the name and date are yet to be released, the teaser is enough for crypto lovers to run towards Bitgert.

Final Thoughts

Apart from the above news, there is a chance that Bitgert might conduct more coin-burning sessions and decrease the supply value to 100 Trillion BRISE coins.

If that happens, the demand for Bitgert will touch the skies, and place it amongst the crypto giants of the market.

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