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Slothana Presale Surges Past $3M as Solana Meme Coin Season Heats Up

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The meme coin market is here to stay, and leading TradFi players like Bloomberg and BlackRock have recently shown interest.

However, new Solana sensation Slothana looks poised for outsized gains as its presale raises $3.5 million in four days, reflecting an unwavering market appetite.

Such investment hints that smart money is moving in, setting a bullish outlook for retail investors to capitalize on its current presale price.

However, with no hard cap announced, those looking to buy must act fast to avoid missing out.

Following the Solana Success Blueprint

Solana has recently become a hotbed for meme coins, with the likes of Dogwifhat, Book of Meme and Slerf making headlines in their unprecedented feats.

The monumental success has even caught the attention of the most prominent TradFi players, with a BlackRock spokesperson light-heartedly commenting on a Dogwifhat ETF recently.

Meanwhile, Book of Meme became the fastest meme coin to reach a $1 billion market cap and received a Binance listing just days after its presale ended.

Slerf then exploded following its presale and saw unprecedented demand as its on-chain trading volume eclipsed that of every blockchain. This monumental feat even garnered recognition in Bloomberg.

The post-ICO triumphs of BOME and SLERF were enabled by meticulously planned presales. While giving off a nonchalant, laid-back essence, in reality, they were hyper-refined systems that serve the meme coin degen psyche.

Slothana employs the same tactics with a single-tiered presale price and a simple wallet address on its website and X account where buyers can send SOL to buy tokens.

However, the project has just added a new feature, enabling investors to connect their wallet to the website and buy directly.

As per its website, 1 SOL equates to 10,000 $SLOTH.

Indeed, Slothana efforts are faring effective as its presale explodes over $3 million in four days, keeping pace with earlier Solana giants BOME and SLERF.

Big-Time Investors are Deploying Massive Liquidity: What Do They Know?

With over $3 million raised in four days, it’s apparent that some hungry whales have joined the race to buy Slothana.

With the Solana meme coin market approaching a $9 billion valuation, some of Slothana’s investment is likely derived from traders rotating profits from other meme coins, hoping to catch the next big pump.

However, Slothana’s total raise in such a short period is particularly resounding, indicating something more significant may be at play.

One theory is that the Smog team is behind Slothana. Given Smog’s track record, this would be unfathomably bullish. 

Smog launched in February and soared 100x to over a $200 million market cap, powered by shrewd marketing prowess and a distinguished outlook compared to other meme coins.

Adding to the speculation, Smog was one of the first accounts to comment on Slothana’s first X post when it had less than 50 followers. This illustrates that the two projects are at least connected on some level.

Yet, no matter the reason behind its early success, the triumph suggests a decisive market sentiment that Slothana is next to explode.

These Solana Presale Investors Turned 5-Figure into Millions

Slothana is currently in its presale phase, enabling investors to buy at a fixed price before it launches on exchanges. 

For many previous Solana presale investors, this has resulted in life-changing gains.

Amidst the Book of Meme mania, X blockchain analytics account LookOnChain highlighted how one investor garnered $30 million in profit from a 5-figure presale investment.

In another tweet, the on-chain sleuth explained how someone turned $19K into an eye-watering $6.58 million through the presale.

But the opportunity to buy Book of Meme at presale has passed, so market participants must look further afield. 

Given Slothana’s accelerating momentum, it seems smart money believes this could be next to explode.

So don’t miss out on the $SLOTH presale. Visit the Slothana website to buy before it sells out.

Visit Slothana Presale


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