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$SNX Smashes $5 Level, Riding BlackRock News As This Memecoin Hits Fever Pitch

$SNX Smashes $5 Level, Riding BlackRock News As This Memecoin Hits Fever Pitch
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Crypto markets are ripping and it is only a matter of time before Bitcoin ($BTC) breaks above $100,000. Synthetix ($SNX) smashes $5 level riding BlackRock news while this memecoin, Galaxy Fox ($GFOX), hits fever pitch. Breakouts across all verticals show that crypto has switched from PVP to PVE, and new capital inflows are pushing everything higher. 

All altcoins will undergo a rerating when the Ethereum ($ETH) Spot ETFs get approved, and with the halving less than a month away, investors have precious little time left to accumulate. Here’s why $SNX is a great buy this cycle and why $GFOX is the top crypto to invest in for anybody looking to scoop a 100Xer this year.

Synthetix ($SNX) Smashes $5 Riding BlackRock News 

Synthetix is a liquidity back engine for a host of protocols on Optimism ($OP) and Ethereum ($ETH). Popular examples include Kwenta, a spot, and perp DEX. The genius behind Synthetix is that by allowing users to stake their $SNX and act as liquidity counterparties across DeFi, they can earn real yield. Developers have been shipping, and in the last 30 days, Synthetix has seen 116 GitHub commits, showing that the team has no intention of slowing down any time soon.

A popular token among smart money and a top crypto to buy this cycle $SNX’s recent rally is only the beginning of a much more significant price move. BlackRock, or more specifically Larry Fink, talking about asset tokenization and being a general Bitcoin bull, has given traditional investors the green light to start buying crypto assets. Naturally, these investors look for products that closely mirror what they are familiar with, and tokens like $SNX with a cash-flow model that can be valued are obvious buys for these TradFi whales.

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Hits Fever Pitch

Galaxy Fox is on a roll, and nothing can stop this new hybrid memecoin from delivering one of 2024’s most staggering price discovery phases. Sailing through its presale and already raising in excess of $5.4 million, this project is ready to go to market soon. Participating in a memecoin presale during meme mania is like shooting fish in a barrel, and with price forecasts predicting a 100X before the end of 2024, this gem is the top crypto to invest in this year.

The hybrid model behind Galaxy Fox has attracted a wide range of market participants, and $GFOX remains one of the only tokens that grants exposure to the memecoin and GameFi narratives collectively. It has integrated a play-to-earn game into its ecosystem, providing a healthy dose of entertainment and a perfect user onboarding funnel.

Endless runners games have been an industry staple since Temple Run, but Galaxy Fox incorporates a Web3 twist. Each season, the top-ranked players win prizes, and the NFT collection unlocks special in-game bonuses for players who want to boost their chances of winning real cash.

Other central value accrual mechanisms include staking rewards, a token burn, and an aggressive growth-orientated Treasury. Staking rewards are a novel addition for a memecoin, unlocking passive income while preserving the violent upside investors know and love. But combine this with a deflationary supply, and $GFOX becomes the best cryptocurrency to buy now. Still undervalued in its presale and ready to soar, this could be one of 2024’s biggest breakout stars. 

Closing Thoughts: Bull Market Mania Phase Loading

Central altcoins from the last cycle pumping is a great sign that retail money is back. $SNX smashing the $5 level riding on positive BlackRock sentiment is a sign institutional investors are entering markets aggressively. And before the mania phase begins you want to be far out on the risk curve.

Galaxy Fox is easy money, and by participating in the presale today, you can finally snag an early entry to a memecoin. 100X price predictions are rolling in, and its retail launch will show the world why it is being called the top crypto to invest in. 

Learn more about $GFOX here:

Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join the Community


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