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Solana (SOL) Alternative That is Priced At $0.008 Just Launched their DeFi Wallet

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Pandoshi, Solana alternative, has just launched its much-awaited DeFi wallet earlier than scheduled. Having raised over $2 million in a few weeks of its ICO, Pandoshi (PAMBO) attracted massive numbers of crypto investors who were looking for the best crypto investments in 2024. Currently, Pandoshi’s (PAMBO) price is at $0.008, recording a 400% rise since the beginning.

What is Pandoshi?

Pandoshi is a revolutionary representation of a DeFi ecosystem that offers true decentralization and immersive experiences within the blockchain space. Apart from enabling efficient financial transactions through tools such as their DeFi wallet and aspects such as the least cost of transactions, Pandoshi focuses on community growth and user privacy.

Investors are leaning toward DeFi projects. The projected revenue from DeFi is expected to grow at approximately 9% annually between 2024 and 2018. Additionally, the average revenue in 2024 per user investing in DeFi projects is about US$ 1,378. Pandoshi is allowing investors to experience the world of DeFi while investing in a project that is designed for success and sustainability.

Features such as the PandoshiSwap, Pandoshi DeFi wallet, Pandoshi university, Pandoshi NFTs, Metaverse games, PandaChain, and Charity will only make the token more valuable. Pandoshi offers two tokens, PAMBO the native token, and BAMBOO the governance token. The PAMBO token was initially launched in the ethereum blockchain and is designed to grow in value.

Pandoshi DeFi Wallet

Pandoshi has launched its DeFi wallet ahead of the initial roadmap projections, attesting to its success. The Pandoshi DeFi wallet is currently available on the Play Store and iOS release is coming within the next few weeks. This may be the time to get hold of PAMBO tokens and enjoy the perks of being an early adopter.

In a DeFi ecosystem, a secure, decentralized, and non-custodial wallet is absolutely essential. Pandoshi offers 100% protection and privacy for users. This is achieved by not collecting user data; without the data, no information leaks can happen. Therefore, users of the Pandoshi wallet will have no risks of information loss through hacks which most crypto wallets and projects have faced. 

Currently, the Pandoshi Wallet is solely EVM-compatible. However, with the subsequent updates, it will begin implementation of non-EVM chains. In addition, users can execute transactions even without owning the native token. Apart from ease of use and enhanced user experience, the Pandoshi wallet offers some key features:

  • EVM-Compatibility
  • Non-custodial Storage
  • Multiple wallets and Accounts 
  • Security Token Scanner

Notably, non-custodial DeFi wallets offer more security compared to alternatives such as wallets offered by exchanges. Pandoshi belief in power being in the hands of the users, which is the definition of true decentralization. The Pandoshi community has driven the Pandoshi (PAMBO) price to $0.008 and it is expected to soon hit $0.01 reaching its final stage of the presale earlier than predicted.

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