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Solana (SOL) teams up with Abu Dhabi Global Markets, Litecoin (LTC) Signals bull run, and Algotech (ALGT) presale booms

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Solana (SOL) joined forces with ADGM in a strategic collaboration to expand DLT. Meanwhile, Litecoin (LTC) touched its all-time high, hinting at a potential bull run. Algotech (ALGT) experienced a remarkable surge in presales.

Solana (SOL) heads for DLT expansion

In a significant move, Solana (SOL) has partnered with Abu Dhabi Global Markets to accelerate the development of distributed ledger technology (DLT). ADGM announced this strategic partnership with Solana (SOL) through an official statement. The partners have been assigned a memorandum of understanding to explore DLT expansions within ADGM’s regulations.

Moreover, this collaboration is a significant step towards boosting ADGM’s vision of becoming the central hub for technology-driven financial services.

Solana (SOL) Foundation CEO, Lily Liu, also took to Twitter to announce the partnership. Meanwhile, Solana (SOL) has been on the rise. Despite a setback following its first outage lasting for five hours, Solana (SOL) was quick to bounce back.

In the past week, Solana (SOL) witnessed rapid growth, with a surge of 10.16%. Further, in the past 24 hours, Solana (SOL) rose by 3.29%. The coin is currently trading at $109.12.

The Litecoin (LTC) surge catches investor attention

Litecoin (LTC) marked a significant milestone by reaching its all-time high. In a tweet dated February 9th, Santiment points out Litecoin’s (LTC) mild surge, leading to its all-time high of $71.2. This suggests a potential bull run, and a shift in overall market trends.

Furthermore, Litecoin’s (LTC) Relative Strength Index (RSI) has hit a two-month high, which showcases a surge in buying momentum. However, Santiment, in its tweet, also shed light on dormant and low trading volume on Litecoin (LTC), indicating a momentary surge.

Currently, Litecoin (LTC) is trading at $70.59. In the past week, Litecoin (LTC) has seen a significant surge of 3.74%. Further, a Litecoin (LTC) surge of 0.16% was observed in the past day. However, Litecoin (LTC) witnessed a 26.74% drop in volume.

Algotech’s (ALGT) presale gains investor attention

In the rapidly evolving crypto landscape, with constantly emerging opportunities, Algotech (ALGT) has risen as a frontrunner.

As a decentralized technology platform, Algotech (ALGT) allows users to indulge in algorithmic trading. With innovative technologies such as machine learning and AI at its core, Algotech (ALGT) ensures efficiency and precision.

Algotech (ALGT) explores the algo trading market, which is expected to reach $3,675 billion in 2032. The platform offers different trading strategies tailored to market conditions. These include bear market strategies, bull market strategies, and sideways market strategies.

Further, Algotech (ALGO) places high importance on the risk appetite of its users. This includes determining strategies based on risk assessment tests. Moreover, the platform enables users to make data-driven decisions, and eliminate emotional biases.

Investors have been drawn to the Algotech (ALGT) presale. At its first stage of presale, Algotech (ALGT) has already collected over a quarter million. With the ALGT token currently priced at 0.4, investors are rushing to secure their shares.


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