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Solana Whales Deposit $115M on Dip; AI Token’s Presale Trends on X

Solana Whales Deposit $115M on Dip; AI Token’s Presale Trends on X
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Two leading centralized cryptocurrency exchanges (CeFi), Coinbase and Binance, have received massive injections of Solana tokens as whales indulge in huge transactions ahead of a market correction. Crypto whale-watching agencies have spotted transactions amounting to $115 million across both platforms. These activities have altered SOL’s price movement and combined order book, indicating unconfirmed selling pressures.

InQubeta (QUBE) has gained attention with a thriving token presale. The blockchain ICO has taken off, trending on X as investors flock to purchase tokens at discounted rates. This AI crypto coin is one of the best altcoins on the market, offering many features that guarantee a promising journey for early adopters and holders. This article explores whale transactions on the Solana blockchain and the features causing InQubeta to trend on a top social platform.

InQubeta (QUBE): Rising Investor Interest

The crypto market has been taken aback by an AI crypto revolution led by the upcoming token, InQubeta. This emerging crypto coin supports the AI industry, backing tech startups seeking funding by allowing regular investors to participate. This unique model uses utilities minted into fractional investments, each represented by an NFT, giving holders immutable access to and ownership of these blocks.

The QUBE presale has taken off, with top accounts tweeting about the journey on X. The project has hit an incredible milestone, exceeding the $10 million mark and surpassing $10.5 million, a feat that has caused the token to go viral on the social platform. With seven stages of its public sale event completed, InQubeta has commenced the eighth stage, selling each token at $0.0245. The emerging crypto token has proposed a launch price of $0.0308, a 340% increase for stage 1 buyers. Over 834 million tokens have been sold, and the project offers a 15% discount for those who use the promo code available on the site.

InQubeta tops the list of the best altcoins because of its exciting features. The platform uses a token burn method to keep the coin’s circulating supply diminishing. Token holders can earn passively from a staking pool funded by a buy-and-sell tax. By staking their tokens, they can create scarcity for the token and potentially increase its value over time. One can also trade digital assets on the NFT marketplace, increasing their earning chances.

Solana (SOL): Huge Whale Transactions on the Network

In a single evening, cryptocurrency whales activated massive transactions on the Solana network, shifting vast sums of SOL tokens, which converted to $115 million at stamped transaction time. The first whale moved 793,563 SOL tokens, shuffling them between two unidentified on-chain wallets before transferring the entire sum to their initial wallet. This activity, as noted by, was completed in one minute, attracting gas fees of 0.000007 SOL. After twelve minutes, the whale moved 712,000 SOL, or about $75 million, from their initial wallet to Coinbase.

Another colossal whale withdrew 372,999 SOL, about $40 million, an hour after the first, moving the entire sum to Binance. It was reported that neither of the whale wallets held more SOL tokens. Analysts have noted that while the selling motives of these whales are unconfirmed, Solana’s combined order book and price movement hint at holders attempting to cash out. This is due to Solana dipping in the decentralized cryptocurrency list. Pending sales for the token have dropped by 15%, hinting at a pessimistic outlook.


Whale transactions on the Solana network hint at selling pressures amid the token’s price dip, causing skepticism among investors. While sentiment for this token remains shaky, other altcoins on the decentralized cryptocurrency listare gaining prominence with promising returns. The upcoming AI crypto coin QUBE has taken off with a presale rocking the social platform X. With a massive ROI for early adopters, the InQubeta presale promises exciting features and rewards.

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