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Someone illuminated a massive Bitcoin logo on Berlin’s iconic TV tower

Someone illuminated a massive Bitcoin logo on Berlin’s iconic TV tower

The cryptocurrency space continues to grow, and proponents of the sector are using different means to drive attention to assets like Bitcoin (BTC). One of the growing methods to push Bitcoin into the public eye is using symbolic global structures to promote the asset. 

In particular, on January 21, the iconic Berliner Fernsehturm tower in Berlin was illuminated with the image of the Bitcoin logo as part of an advertising campaign, according to Documenting Bitcoin

The group or individual behind the initiative has yet to be identified, but a user named Tilo Neumann on Twitter has been promoting the campaign. In this line, Neumann proceeded to share a video of the projected Bitcoin logo. 

“Berlin is definitely not rich, that’s probably true. Nevertheless, “we” want to draw attention to Bitcoin . After all, it is about our financial future. Some people sit down on a street and stick to it “we” have decided to do it differently,” Neumann said

Interestingly, this is not the first time the logo has been projected on the monument. According to a tweet by Neumann, the first attempt to project the logo was unsuccessful due to the use of poor projectors. 

Implication of Bitcoin logo projection

Notably, the Berliner Fernsehturm is a major tourist attraction and city symbol. The tower, which stands 368 meters tall, offers panoramic views of Berlin and is one of the tallest structures in Europe. Therefore, the projection of the logo on the Berliner Fernsehturm tower can be viewed as a powerful symbol highlighting the growing acceptance and awareness of Bitcoin.

Notably, as per Neumann’s Twitter activity, he has been involved in other campaigns of advertising Bitcoin on historic buildings and sites. For instance, in November last year, he shared that a logo was projected on the historic site of the Berlin wall. 

“Nothing in Berlin is as steeped in history as the Berlin Wall. That’s why we carried out our campaign here this time. This place represents endless suffering. In contrast, Bitcoin stands for hope, the hope for a fair and free world,” he said

Bitcoin ads in Hong Kong

At the same time, Bitcoin previously reported that massive advertising posters backing Bitcoin were plastered on a tram station located in front of HSBC Hong Kong headquarters back in September 2020. The ads were sponsored by the Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong (BAHK).

The latest campaign coincides with a time when Bitcoin is rallying, with the asset breaching the $23,000 level. 

It is worth mentioning that Bitcoin proponents have been pushing the mainstream adoption of the asset. One of Bitcoin’s selling points is the ability to solve some of the shortcomings in the traditional finance sector, like solving inflation due to its fixed supply. 

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