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Stormy Skies for SUI and WIF Amid Market Turbulence, but Investors Remain Unshaken on $MEDA Presale

Stormy Skies for SUI and WIF Amid Market Turbulence, but Investors Remain Unshaken on $MEDA Presale
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  • SUI is still stuck in murky, bearish waters despite growth in TVL and DEX.
  • Dogwifhat’s WIF is still far from its March performance, as uncertainty clouds investors’ judgement.
  • Milei Moneda ($MEDA) investors are already counting their profits, and there’s more for new investors, too. 

There’s a lot happening in the crypto news at the moment, and investors are paying rapt attention to the pulse of the crypto market. Top crypto coins SUI and Dogwifhat (WIF) are struggling to weather the market turbulence. New cryptocurrency ICO Milei Moneda ($MEDA) emerges as one of the top new ICOs, as investors’ interest in the $MEDA presale spikes.

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SUI Struggling to Impress Despite TVL Growth

Since its launch in 2023, SUI has seen a meteoric rise, with its TVL (Total Value Locked) growing by about 20x in less than a year. In March, SUI’s DEX (Decentralized Exchange) volume recorded a 49% monthly surge, hitting over $2.88 billion. The summation of these impressive stats is why SUI has been reputed as one of the top DeFi projects in the crypto-verse for a while now.

However, despite these impressive stats, it’s not all rosy for SUI on the price charts right now. The coin has suffered a price decline in the past few days, and market observers are rethinking whether SUI is still a good crypto to buy and HODL for SUI investors.

SUI has dropped 22.26% below its ATH, which it set in late March. The coin is currently trading at a 12.9% weekly loss and is only 9.1% higher than its price during last month’s bear period. Whether SUI can manoeuvre its way out of bearish waters remains to be seen, but experts are not convinced it is the best crypto investment right now.

Dogwifhat Still Struggling

For everyone who has been around actively enough in the crypto market, Dogwifhat’s WIF token is arguably the biggest meme coin revelation amongst the Solana meme coins. Dogwifhat went on a roll that saw the WIF price pump by more than 7,000% from January to late March, when it set an ATH.

Like SUI, Dogwifhat has also suffered a downward spiral since WIF set a new ATH on the last day of March, leaving WIF investors with deflated portfolios. Even new investors who jumped on the Dogwifhat project during that bullish window are now rueing their losses.

WIF is currently priced 14.17% less than its ATH. And with a 10% weekly downtrend, WIF may not be the best crypto to invest in for now. Experts are now passionately invested in a new crypto project that brings distinctive features to the crypto market.

Introducing Milei Moneda and its $MEDA token.

Investors Crowd Milei Moneda for Profits

Milei Moneda has been making the rounds on crypto news lately and for good reasons. The new meme coin is generating a lot of buzz with its unique offerings and fixed profit, and one would understand why experts and newbie investors are particularly keen on the project.

Firstly, Milei Moneda is modelled after the famous Javier Milei, president of Argentina. The project will exhibit Javier’s passionate campaign for DeFi adoption with a mix of sarcasm, non-conformism, and fun.

Milei Moneda has a supply of 500,000,000 $MEDA tokens, of which 15% are stored in liquidity. Considering its sizeable token supply, Milei Moneda has a deflationary measure to arrest inflation. 5% of every transaction on the project would be burned to create scarcity and stabilize $MEDA’s price.

Milei Moneda has recently entered its Stage 2 presale, and investors can’t stop drooling over the fixed profit margins. $MEDA is currently going for $0.0125 per token, 25% up from its Stage 1 price. With the launch price set at $0.020, there’s still a 60% profit waiting for you in May when $MEDA goes live—only if you buy now.

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