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Supply Squeeze Imminent: Gamified Green Staking Positions Green Bitcoin ($GBTC) for a Game-Changing Supply Shock!

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Investors believe a supply squeeze is imminent for Green Bitcoin ($GBTC) and are backing their belief with cash as the $GBTC presale crosses the $1 million milestone today.

Green Bitcoin has introduced a novel staking mechanism that requires users to lock $GBTC for short periods of time to participate in its price prediction contents.

Those who forecast accurate price predictions for Bitcoin can earn huge rewards scaled to their level of investment.

The project is quickly gaining momentum as investors position themselves ahead of the incoming supply squeeze.

Green Bitcoin Raises $1 Million As Presale Momentum Snowballs

The Green Bitcoin presale is quickly gaining momentum after the project crossed the $1 million fundraising milestone this week.

Green Bitcoin is bringing back the predict-to-earn concept through its unique Gamified Green Staking ecosystem.

The project combines the legacy of Bitcoin with the eco-friendly Ethereum PoS blockchain, birthing a project fueled by activity that’s tied to the price of Bitcoin.

Users can forecast the following day’s price of Bitcoin and earn rewards for accurate predictions.

The unique staking model has investors believing that a supply shock will occur following the presale, leading to higher prices once the token is launched.

Predict-2-Earn: Green Bitcoin Brings Back Price Prediction Contests

Green Bitcoin is bringing back price prediction contests through Gamified Green Staking.

The unique staking model empowers users to make daily price predictions to earn handsome rewards.

The team will introduce new challenges weekly, keeping the prediction contests fresh and engaging.

Users must lock $GBTC into the Gamified Green Staking mechanism to participate in the contests.

The idea behind the project is to foster a blockchain ecosystem fueled with activity rather than an ecosystem created for pure speculation.

As a result, Green Bitcoin might become one of the most active blockchains on Ethereum as users continue staking and casting predictions in price prediction competitions.

Those looking to participate must place their forecasts by 11:30 PM EST. The system will then calculate the day’s predictions against the Bitcoin price trend at midnight.

Users with accurate price predictions will earn rewards from the daily staking reward pool. The earnings level depends on the investment level and the duration a user is committed to the ecosystem.

For example, those who stake their $GBTC weekly will earn a 5% bonus on top of their daily staking rewards. Those staking for a month can earn a 10% bonus.

The team has allocated 27.5% of the overall supply to provide rewards for the next two years in the price contests.

The rewards are distributed in ten-minute intervals, paying homage to the original Bitcoin block rewards schedule. Winners can claim the aggregate of their rewards every 24 hours.

Game-Changing Supply Shock on the Table?

Experts believe that the Gamified Green Staking ecosystem could cause a game-changing supply shock to $GBTC, leading to significantly higher prices.

Users must lock their tokens into the Gamified Green Staking contract to participate in the price prediction costs.

As a result, a high percentage of the total $GBTC supply will likely be locked away, unable to be purchased by newcomers looking to participate in the prediction contests.

Therefore, newcomers might be forced to pay higher prices to get ahold of $GBTC following the presale.

To put the impact of staking into perspective, 67% of the total $GBTC supply is already locked in the staking contact – providing stakers with an impressive 290% APY.

This number is only expected to rise once the price prediction contents begin, leading to a game-changing supply shock.

Time to Enter: Presale Provides Lowest Entry Opportunity

The presale provides the perfect entry opportunity into $GBTC, allowing you to buy at what could be the lowest possible price.

40% of the total supply is sold in the presale, currently for $0.53.

It’s important to note that the presale uses a rising pricing strategy, meaning those positioned earliest benefit from the lower entry prices.

Overall, Green Bitcoin is bringing a fresh product to the Web3 market in 2024, creating an ecosystem fuelled with engagement rather than speculation.

The imminent supply shock could cause the price of $GBTC to explode once the price prediction contests start, leading to exponential returns for those getting positioned today,

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