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The $0.0001 Goal: Can Bitgert Coin Achieve It?

There has been much speculation around the current crypto market. Following the post halving event, to more adoption of ETFs, the suspense thickens as investors are anticipating what’s next. New projects are coming and going only to last as long as the social media hype takes them. That can be quite disappointing.

However, one out of many would stand out. This is the Bitgert BRISE project. Though, during its inception, it wasn’t given much thought, as experts were quite unconvinced even with the potential it carried. But after showing deliverables and results, this project has been on everyone’s lips.

Let’s find out what makes Bitgert stand out.

Building a Better Future: Bitgert Ecosystem of Opportunities 

Starting with a layer 1 unique blockchain technology, Bitgert BRISE has functionalities that have outpaced its competitors. This early crypto project, first launched in July, provided real solutions to current problems plagued the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space. 

With top crypto assets like Ethereum and Solana unable to solve this problem, Bitgert stepped to the occasion using a Proof of Authority(POA) model. This allowed the Bitgert chain to take over 100,000 transactions per second at near zero gas fees. 

Bitgert has been able to aid developers host smart contract projects with its compatibility with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Projects  and products like the Bitgert exchange, BRISE exchange  and  more are also hosted on the Bitgert chain across the Metaverse. 

Asides these unique features and functionality that gained popularity for the Bitgert exchange, collaborations with top partners were also formed. Bitgert was able to cement its position in the market, thereby gaining listings on top companies like Binance Kucoin and many others. This was pure marketing genius as investors, and entrepreneurs alike began to flock the Bitgert exchange with the solutions it proffered.

BRISE Bullish wave

The Bitgert token, BRISE, has also lived up to its name. Hosted on the Bitgert chain as a BRC-20 Token, users can stake and earn rewards on them. Since the launch of the coin, it has garnered over 40,000 percent returns to early investors. 

Following the bearish market, it still brought in over 70% percent returns. Technical indicators such as the moving average convergence and RSI are looking positive and signaling a buy for the BRISE  coin.This peaked people’s interest, as experts and analysts predicted the Bitgert coin reaching $0.0001 with its current bullish wave.

To learn more, Visit Bitgert.


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