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The Bullish Case for Bitgert Coin: A Potential Ethereum Successor

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Top cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum have slipped past the claws of the bear market, surging into the green zone of the cryptocurrency market. But several other altcoins, like Bitgert, have joined Ethereum in green as the crypto summer draws near.

Bitgert Coin has been tipped to succeed Ethereum in 2024, shortly after many developers and users had noticeably been migrating from Ethereum.

Migration From Ethereum

Similar to Bitcoin’s year-to-date profit margin (i.e., 63.7%), Ethereum has also enjoyed about a 53% pump in the first quarter of 2024. ETH is now trading at $3,478, roughly 30% below its all-time high in late 2021.

Despite its current price performance, there has been a lot of migration from the Ethereum blockchain. The migration results from the high gas fees and network congestion issues of the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum uses these high fees to process transactions and smart contracts on its network. 

Due to the high demand for processing power, especially during network congestion, gas fees on Ethereum can skyrocket, making it costly for users to interact with decentralized applications (dApps) or execute transactions. 

This unpredictability in gas fees has been a concern for many users and developers operating within the Ethereum ecosystem. Developers are now migrating to platforms like Bitgert, which is a more attractive option for users seeking to minimize transaction costs.

The Bullish Case For Bitgert Coin

Bitgert coin (BRISE) has its uniqueness in the market. While most cryptocurrencies, like Ethereum, have expensive gas fees and slow transactions along with network congestion issues, Bitgert completely differs in its low, high-speed transactions.

The core team behind the crypto engineering project has clear intentions of making it the fastest and cheapest blockchain in the general crypto ecosystem. Bitgert’s blockchain charges a gas fee of $0.001 per transaction and boasts a speed of 100,000 TPS, suggesting that the core team is nearing their intended goal.

Bitgert’s dedication to achieving this milestone has sparked considerable interest within the crypto community, as there seems to be a demand for low-cost transactions. As a result, the Bitgert community has expanded to over 600,000 members, who have collectively conducted more than 25 million on-chain transactions.

Bitgert has secured strategic partnerships with several top projects like Defi Llama, DexTools, etc., in the market. These alliances have increased its adoption and integration within the general crypto ecosystem.

With a promising future and bullish outlook, Bitgert is a must-have in any investor’s portfolio.
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